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“Favre Faults”

Sadly this type of image of Brett Favre (pictured above) may become a common site for the American public as issues of a possible affair loom.

I hate to contribute to the ongoing 24/7 discussions of Brett Favre, but sometimes it is the best story out there.  And today quite frankly, I could not resist.

Favre is being investigated by the League for sending inappropriate text messages and pictures to a female employee of the Jets during the 2008 season.  For years now, when in heated discussions with others regarding Brett Favre, who I often refer to as “The Selfish One,” I have argued reasons why I feel he continues to return to the game for more brutal beatings.  Now I would never question this guy’s love for the game.  That goes without saying.  I also would never question his desire to win football games or his amazing toughness.  But why would a guy who holds all the records, has all the money in the world, continue to come back at the ripe age of 41… 

He loves the NFL lifestyle folks!

Something that comes with that NFL lifestyle is partying and women.  And what athlete does not like these things?  They are basically laid on a plate for them to enjoy throughout the courses of their careers.  Sadly for Brett, I do not think he can handle being at home all year around and acting as a typical family man.  He thirsts the NFL lifestyle.  He thirsts the ability to go out and do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.  Quite frankly, I cannot blame the guy.  He is living every 21 year old’s dream at the age of 41.  Really what could be better?

People seemed surprised by the whole Tiger Woods fiasco.  And I will admit, it caught me off guard.  But this scenario comes as no surprise to me.  Since Brett decided that he was bigger than the game around 3 or 4 years ago, I lost all respect for number 4.  Well now more people are going to lose respect for arguably the greatest statistical quarterback of all time as World War III in the Favre household begins.

People forget about other faults that Brett has demonstrated throughout his career.  He had a Vicodin problem.  He had a family issue of frankly not being there for his wife and daughter.  He even had a drinking problem.  Make no mistake, this issue with women though, will cause a huge public uproar.  There will be no hiding behind an offensive line on this one for #4.

Jenn Sterger, the woman making these accusations, has opened the floodgates folks.  Women will be lining up now to get in all this.  The days of Brett Favre being all over television commercials will be coming to a bitter end.  I am not saying that Brett is going to experience the earthquake that Tiger Woods did.  But the guy is already hurting with tendonitis and all sorts of injuries.  His team has underachieved.  And now he is about to deal with a plethora of family problems.

This year will be it for Brett Favre folks.  I guarantee it.

Favre’s faults are about to be exposed for all of America to see.  Not the best time for this to happen considering he heads to Lambeau on Sunday to take on the Packers.

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