“NFL Week 6 Predictions”


Steeler's star quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger (pictured above), will make his season debut this Sunday against the Browns. Will it be the same old Ben we are used to watching?

We are entering the 6th week of NFL play.  How many of you would actually have expected the 1st place teams in the NFC to be the Redskins, Bears, Falcons, and Cardinals?  And how many of you would have actually expected the 49ers to be 0 and 5, the Super Bowl Favorite Vikings to be 1 and 3, and the always dangerous Dallas Cowboys to be 1 and 3?  The NFC has been extremely unpredictable and fun.  The AFC on the other hand has been parity driven, but less shocked filled than the NFC.

So the pick’em scoreboard heading into this week’s game play reads:

TheSportsKraze:   44                               CV3:  44

Due to popular request, I will no longer provide analysis on why I am making my picks.  People feel the NFL Prediction posts have been going too long so I will just provide my picks.  Then if you want reasoning for my predictions, please place a comment and I will be sure to respond to your requests.

TheSportsKraze Picks:

Seahawks at Bears (by 3)

Dolphins at Packers (by 3)

Chargers (by 6) at Rams

Ravens (by 3) at Patriots

Saints at Buccaneers (by 6)

Lions at Giants (by 3)

Falcons (by 7) at Eagles

Browns at Steelers (by 3)

Chiefs at Texans (by 10)

Raiders at 49ers (by 6)

Jets (by 10) at Broncos

Cowboys (by 1) at Vikings

Colts (by 10) at Redskins

Titans (by 7) at Jaguars

Week 6 should be a great one.  A couple of games to keep an eye on. 

Cowboys vs the Vikings.  Both of these preseason “Super Bowl Contenders” are thirsting that 2nd win. It will be a battle to the bitter end.

Chiefs vs the Texans.  Two teams that have made a lot of noise early on.  Who is phony and who is fake?

Browns vs the Steelers.  The return of Big Ben will get fans super excited at Heinz Field.  Can Roethlisberger pick up where he left off last season?  Or will the long hiatus affect his play to the point where he no longer is one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks?

Other items to note.  Can the Brownies shock the Steelers again?  Will the 49ers finally win a game, considering their management is still giving a near guarantee of a playoff spot?  Will the Lions offense keep rolling against a tough Giant’s defensive line?

CV3 Picks:

Bears over Seahawks by 14

Packers over Dolphins by 6

Chargers over Rams by 17

Pats over Ravens by 3

Giants over Lions by 14

Falcons over Eagles by 3

Steelers over Browns by 7

Saints over Bucs by 5

Texans over Chiefs by 6

Jets over Broncos by 10

Raiders over 49ers by 4

Vikings over Boys by 3

Colts over Skins by 10

Jags over Titans by 6
Not many surprises this week. It is time for division leaders to improve their leads.

Week 6 will be fun.  Enjoy the games and please post your picks on the comments with questions.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


One response to ““NFL Week 6 Predictions”

  1. TSKN:

    I am getting on this site at 12:52pm. Therefore, there will be limited bragging from me after I picked the Redskins over the Packers last week to take a 2 game lead after 5 weeks. 46 correct so far and 2 up on Josh. I will keep my analysis t a newspaper headline this week in attempt to 1.) get my picks in before 1:00 and 2.) make my 1:20 tee time

    Seattle at Chicago: BEARS
    Da Bears Bounce Back Behind a Briliant Comeback by Cutler: 31-16

    Miami at Green Bay: PACKERS
    I have loved picking the Dolphins. No Way Pack lose two straight though: Packers win 27-23

    San Diego at St. Louis
    Ryan Mathews breakout party; Bolts win 35-17

    Baltimore at New England: PATRIOTS
    Brady shows the world he doesn’t need Randy Moss and beats the future Super Bowl Champs: NE 28, BAL 20

    Detroit at NY Giants: GIANTS
    Lions are too vulnerable aginst the run: Two headed monster of Bradshaw and Jacobs too much: NYG 23, DET 16

    Atlanta at Philadelphia: EAGLES
    Eagles win a thriller at home against a good Falcon squad: PHI 27, ATL 21 (UPSET SPECIAL)

    Cleveland at Pittsburgh: STEELERS
    Welcome back, Ben. You get to do wht you do best this week: rape the Browns. PIT 34, CLE 17

    New Orleans at Tampa Bay: SAINTS
    Bucs ruined my survivor chllenge last week, they get pounded this week; NO 38-20

    Kansas City at Houston: TEXANS
    Chiefs are overrated and I like the Texans at home.. HOU 27-21

    New York Jets at Denver: JETS
    Broncos have too many injuries, JETS 34-23

    Oakland at San Francisco: NINERS
    It’s about time for W #1. SF 28, OAK 17

    Dallas at Minnesota: VIKINGS
    Vikes get a much needed win over a good Cowboys team TD late in the game gets the Vikes started on their Super Bowl run.. MIN 28, DAL 27

    Indianapolis at Washington: COLTS
    My Skins made melook good last week.. I LOVE THE SKINS THIS YEAR SK- THEREFORE YOUR ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION IS “NO I AM NOT SURPRISED THEY ARE IN FIRST PLACE!” Oh, yeah- they got the pissed off Colts this week.. MANNING 35, WAS 24

    Tennessee at Jacksonville: TITANS
    Jags usually play well on Monday night. But, CJ is about to explode this week.. Titans win 31-20

    Cheers to the first week TSKN has not picked the Bengals,


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