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“A Cincinnati Championship?”

In my opinion, a Cincinnati Bengal's Super Bowl victory would be the sweetest victory the city of Cincinnati could have. What are your thoughts?

I have come to the realization that the majority of my viewers for this blog are people from the Cincinnati Tri-State area.  And I realize that much of the time when I talk about the National Sporting Stratosphere, there could be a lack of interest within some of my viewers.  Though I know many of you who read this column are die-hard sports fans and would read about anything that is related to the sporting world. 

But this morning, I was walking to class and a thought popped into my head.  What if the Reds won the World Series?  What if the Bengals won the Super Bowl?  What if the UC Bearcat Basketball or Football Team captured the National Championship?  What if it never struck midnight on the Xavier Musketeers and they brought home a hoops National Championship? What championship would have a more profound effect on the city?  

So I just rambled off a few of the thoughts.  But when looking at the Cincinnati sporting realm.  Here are the top 5 main teams, in no particular order: 

Cincinnati Reds 

 Cincinnati Bengals 

University of Cincinnati Bearcats Basketball 

 University of Cincinnati Bearcats Football 

 Xavier Men’s Basketball 

It has been 2 decades since any of these teams captured their respective sport’s highest title (championship).  That team was the 1990, “Wire to Wire” Reds.  This summer has brought back memories of that amazing team especially since the home town guys are heading to the playoffs for the first time in 15 years.  

The Bengals have been to the Super Bowl two times, but have never won the big one.  I can only imagine the madness that would ensue if the Who Deys took home the Super Bowl Title. 

The UC Men’s basketball team has won 2 National Championships.  But these were each were won in the early 1960s. 

The UC Football team has never won a National Championship, though their last 2 seasons have really gotten the city on board with UC Football.  The BCS Bowl appearances really got this city back into the College Football Game. 

Lastly, the Xavier Men’s Basketball team has been very good the past 20 years.  They are a team that has made people question the term, Mid Major.  But sadly, they have never won a National Championship.  Every March, or at least for the past few, people have road the Muskies deep into the tournament and kept the dream alive of having a local team take it home. 

If I were to say which team’s championship would have the most profound effect on Cincinnati, I would have to say a Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl.  Who Dey chants would continue for a month non stop.  This is our unquestioned favorite football team.  They have never won the big game.  Not to mention the big game is the most viewed sporting event that we have in American sports.  So if pushed to decided which title would have the most momentous effect, I would have to say a Super Bowl Championship. 

So I pose the question to you.  Which team winning a championship would have the most profound affect on Cincinnati and why?  Please do not be shy with your answers. 

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“Who Dey Disaster?”

Terrell Owens (pictured above), a star receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals was on the receiving end of over 220 yards today and a Touchdown. But it was not enough to lead his team to victory over their interstate rival, the Cleveland Browns.

If you are a Cincinnati Bengal’s fan, you are probably not having the best of Sunday’s.  Any loss for the home town team hurts.  But a lost to the abysmal Brownies, who were 0 and 3 coming into the 1st edition of this year’s “Battle of Ohio” Throwdown?  Things just went from bad, to real bad.

The Bengals today once again demonstrated why they appear to not quite be ready to join the League’s upper tier.  Now, I am by no means saying this team will not make the playoffs.  I would be crazy to say that with the talent this squad possesses.  But at 2 and 2, things have not looked good for a team surrounded by much hype.

Lets take a quick look at what transpired today in Cleveland.

The Bengals took on a less than flattering Brown’s team led by long time backup, Seneca Wallace.  In this game, the Who Deys had over 115 more total yards than our opponent.  Cincinnati was also more efficient than their opponent both rushing and passing. Cincy’s big time receiver, TO, had over 220 yards receiving on 10 catches. Yet the Bengals took an L, and had their faces smashed in by former Arkansas Razorback, 3rd string RB, Peyton Hillis.  This guy, who defines what it means to be a bruiser, really hurt the Who Deys late in the game, really solidifying the Browns first win of the season.  The difference in this one though, a blocked field goal.  And it was not Cincinnati’s “quarter season MVP,” Mike Nugent’s fault.  A Brown’s defender came in untouched to block Nugent’s field goal attempt.

So are the Bengals in big trouble standing at 2 and 2?  Currently, we are ranked 15th in the League in overall offense and passing offense.  We are only 18th in the League in rushing.  Last year, we were 24th in the League in overall offense, 26th in the passing game, and 9th overall rushing.  So though I would like to see Cedric and the gang get it going more on the ground, there is no reason to panic offensively.  Defensively, we currently rank 9th overall in the League,  with the 11th ranked defense against the pass, and 13th against the run.  Last year, the AFC North Champion Bengals ranked 4th in the NFL in overall defense.  With a passing defense that was ranked 6th, and a ground stopping attack that ranked 7th.  So the defense has fallen a little, but not much.

So sure the Bengals took a very bad loss today.  But there is no reason to give up on this team yet.  Their numbers are not really any worse than last year’s playoff team.  People just have to accept that Marvin’s team plays down to the level of their competition every week and win in somewhat of an ugly fashion.  Either way a win is a win.  But I will state that this year’s schedule is much tougher than last years.

So what are your thoughts?  Maybe Carson is the problem?  Or maybe it is the play calling from Bob Bratkowski? Can this team bounce back and compete for the AFC North Title or are we on the way to a Who Dey Disaster?

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