“What is a Journeyman”

The quintessential journeyman, Charlie Batch (pictured above), will start for the Steelers on Sunday against the Buccaneers.

A term that is often thrown around by experts and fans alike when talking sports is “Journeyman.”  Now what is a journeyman?  Is there an exact definition?  Well I do know one thing.  When I hear the word “Journeyman,” one name comes to mind.. 

Charlie Batch. 

I am assuming most sports fans know who this guy is.  And if you don’t, well you will after reading this.  Batch epitomizes in my eyes what a journeyman is.  He has been in the League for years. He has played for multiple teams.  He has never excelled. He is not necessarily well-known.  Yet he is continuing to play hard even though he never really rose to stardom. 

Batch is an NFL quarterback that is now 35 years old.  He has been on two teams during his 13 year career (Lions and Steelers).  He has only been a starter for 4 of those seasons (years in Detroit).  Never really put up impressive numbers, nor had success in leading a team to a successful season.  Yet he has kept the dream alive. 

His numbers over the course of his 13 year journey are as average as one could imagine.  He has thrown 57 career touchdowns and 44 interceptions.  Batch’s completion percentage is not the most ostentatious stat either at 57%. His quarterback rating is a modest 77.7.  Yet he is still on the roster even with guys like Ben Roethlisberger, Dennis Dixon, and Byron Leftwich on the team. 

Well this year, even amidst all the offseason fiascos the Steelers have had to deal with, Batch somehow remained on the roster as a 3rd string quarterback (then 4th with the addition of Leftwich).  Many figured Batch would be cut and his playing days were over.  Well the guy has continued to “journey” and will be starting for Pittsburgh on Sunday against the 2 and 0 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

I may not be a Steeler’s fan.  But Charlie Batch is a feel good story no matter what team you like.  A guy that has lived the dream and continued on a magical journey for 13 years. 

I wish Charlie the best of luck in what could be his last action in the NFL on Sunday. 

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze. 



2 responses to ““What is a Journeyman”

  1. Charlie Batch has gone from team to team and patiently backed up Ben for the past few years. He stepped in and performed quite well for a guy that hasnt seen much game action in the last 5 years.

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