“NFL Week 1 Fun”

Arian Foster stole the show in Week 1 rushing for 233 yards and helping the Texans shock the Colts (Foster is now number 23).

The first Sunday of the NFL season is always unpredictable, wacky, fun all in one.  It is always a weekend filled with excitement.  Full of mysteriousness.  And most of all, full of people sitting on their couches all day.  Following this enigmatic day, the scoreboard reads: 

TheSportsKraze:  8               CV3:  8 

There were few storylines that really caught my eye on the weekend.  

-Who is Arian Foster?  

First of all the Houston Texans monumental upset of the Indianapolis Colts.  Going into the 17th matchup of these franchises, Houston was 1 and 15 all time against the defending AFC Champion Colts.  When was the last time you can remember Peyton and the Indianapolis offensive juggernaut losing in Week 1?  And how about the pass happy Texans getting the job done on the ground.  When looking at some initial statistics you would be astonished.  Matt Schaub, who threw for over 4700 yards last season threw for 107 today, not to mention he threw an interception.  Peyton Manning threw for 433 yards and 3 TDs.  But the real story of this game.  How about Mr. Arian Foster?  The guy just blew up rushing for 233 yards (2nd most all time in an opener behind OJ Simpson) and 3 TDs.  Foster is a 2nd year running back out of Rocky Top (Tennessee) that rushed for 257 yards and 3 TDs all year in his rookie campaign.  Well he just ripped the heart out of the defending AFC Champs on Day 1.  Could the Texans be on the verge of breaking the Colts stranglehold on the AFC South this year? 

-The Steelers take care of business without Big Ben. 

Pittsburgh won their first of four games without their starting quarterback today over a very tough Falcons team.  Rashard Mendenhall and Hines Ward came up big for the Terrible Towels and took care of Week 1.  I will admit that I thought that the Steelers would lose this one without Roethlisberger.  But with inspired play from Ward and Mendenhall on the offensive side of the ball, and Bryant McFadden leading the charge on the defensive side of the ball (15 tackles today, 12 solo), this team could survive this month-long stretch in decent shape. 

-Welcome back Michael Vick? 

This was the best Michael Vick has looked in years.  The guy played inspired football and almost brought the Eagles back against a very tough Packers team.  Starter Kevin Kolb went down with a concussion in the 2nd quarter, and the electric Michael Vick came to the rescue for the fighting city of Philadelphia.  He rushed for over 100 yards and threw for 175.  Should Vick start over a healthy Kolb next week?  Coach Reid definitely has some thinking to do.  It was nice to see the playmaker back in action bringing back some of the memories of the old glory days (in a weekend where his alma mater took their worst loss in school history). 

-Are the 49ers a pretender? 

Many, including myself picked the 49ers to win the ultra weak NFC West.  Well today, they took a good old-fashioned butt whooping from a divisional rival.  San Francisco came out smoking but then had a rough end to the first half and continued to get worse as the game progressed.  Frank Gore’s rushing attack was non-existent.  Alex Smith threw 2 interceptions.  And I could go on.  Vernon Davis was the only bright spot on the day for the 49ers.  Where is that amazing defense we have been hearing about all off-season and theat newly improved offense?  Are the 49ers contenders or pretenders? 

-Blinded by the hype? 

Another team that thoroughly disappointed was the Cincinnati Bengals.  This team looked to still be playing a preseason game until the 3rd quarter of this one.  And a Patriots team, that definitely has a chip on their shoulder due to the talk of the Jets being the favorite in the AFC East, steamrolled Cincinnati.  The only bright spot for the Bengals on this day was Chad OchoCinco and glimpses of a big time aerial attack.  Sure Carson threw for 345 yards.  But what happened to the smash mouth, run first Bengals (now I realize they were behind so they needed to throw).  Palmer threw the ball 50 times today.  Cedric Benson only had 15 carries.  The real show in this game was the reunited amazing connection of Wes Welker and Tom Brady.  These guys picked up right where they left off following Welker’s knee injury.  The best slot receiver in football had 8 catches and 2 TDs.  Are the Patriots a Super Bowl contender? 

-Is Chris Johnson Superman? 

Chris Johnson picked up right where he left off at the end of last year.  On this day, he led his Titans to an easy victory over an overmatched Raiders team.  Johnson compiled 142 rushing yards and 2 TDs.  And once again broke loose for a big time run of 70+ yards.  The guy is outstanding and looks to only be getting better.  The rest of the League needs to beware of Chris Johnson. 

-Can Roy Williams catch a break in Dallas? 

So in one of the most sloppy games I have ever seen in my life, the Redskins began the Mike Shanahan/Donovan McNabb era with a victory over the rival Cowboys.  The Redskins went 0 and 6 in the vaunted NFC East last season and were ecstatic to get that monkey off their shoulders in Week 1.  Since the arrival of Williams in Dallas, things have progressively gotten worse as he went from being a big time pick up to a guy that fans in Dallas booed consistently.  Once again Roy had a modest evening, of 3 catches for 21 yards, but on the last play of the game, he had appeared to come up with the catch that probably would have won the game for the Cowboys (barring an extra point attempt).  Roy’s heart had to be pounding.  Then he and the rest of Cowboy nation saw a yellow flag on the field.  Alex Barron, the Cowboys 6th year (1st with Cowboys) offensive tackle out of Florida State, had done the unthinkable.  Against a weak, 3 man Washington rush, he blatantly held Redskin linebacker Brian Orakpo.  So Roy’s heroics are already all but forgotten.  Sorry Roy.  Mine as well jump on the Miles Austin bandwagon with the rest of America. 

So these are just a few stories from an amazing opening Sunday.  The NFL is back in the flesh baby. 

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze. 


5 responses to ““NFL Week 1 Fun”

  1. In the case of all these teams except the Eagles, I would say it’s only week one…there’s a lot of season left to go…

  2. JW,
    Agreed for sure. But it was still very exciting to have the NFL back in action.


  3. I have to agree with you that the Bengals didn’t look very good in their first real game of the season. However it isn’t the offensive situation that concerns me, but that defense. Brady was able to throw all over that defense that was supposed to have good corners. The pass rush needs to improve if they have a shot at anything this year. With that being said it was really one bad half on the road in the first game of the season against the Patriots. Marvin always seems to struggle in openers even in wins. Not that it works this way, but if the interception returned for a touchdown was taken back and the kickoff return, then the Bengals tied them. What that shows me is they need to avoid the big play. I believe they showed more about what they are made of in the second half then the first. They will need to get it together for their next game against Baltimore.

  4. Minnesota vs. New Orleans Saints
    Party still has not stopped in NO since last year, and it is not stopping tonight. Favre’s lack of receivers leads to a Vikes L this week. NO 27, MIN 14
    Miami vs. Buffalo Dolphins
    Buffalo is a horrendous team and I am not a big believer of CJ Spiller. Dolphins will have their way with the inferior Bills and Buffalo is not cold enough or wet enough yet to create enough of a home field advantage for this team. MIA 24, BUF 3
    Detroit vs. Chicago Bears
    The Lions are not as everybody thinks this year. Look for Matthew Stafford to use his weapons well and mature as a QB. Jahvid Best is also a sleeper pass cather out of the backfield. But, they are still the Lions which means they lose games to the NFC North. Bears win in a close one. CHI 23, DET 17
    Oakland vs. Tennessee Titans
    You want another bad team? Oakland has one. The Raiders looked awful in the preseason and they are not going to come close to stopping CJ out of the backfield. Look for the real ’05 Heisman Trophy winner to have his way with the Raiders secondary. TEN 38, OAK 14
    Cincinnati vs. New England Patriots
    I want to pick the Bengals, I really do. But, they have not won in New England since 1986. 24 years. Keep the streak going this week as the surprisingly underrated Pats show the Bengals who the real Super Bowl contenders are in the AFC. NE 28, CIN 20
    Carolina vs. New York Giants G-Men
    Eli has a plethora of weapons to throw to in the Meadowlands. Plus, the Giants get Matt Moore for lunch today and I think they are going to swallow them whole as if.. Well.. They are giants. NYG 45, CAR 17
    Denver vs. Jacksonville Broncos
    This one was a tough one to pick. In close matchups, I usually like going with the home team. However, I foresee the Denver defense obliterating the Jags this Sunday. Name a good receiver who has ever been a Jaguar- you would have to go back to the Mark Brunell days. That fact + Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins means the Broncos can stuff 8 in the box and eat up MJD. DEN 21, JAX 16
    Atlanta vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
    I was extremely high on Matt Ryan prior to last season and he just didn’t perform. No Roethlisberger won’t hurt the Steel Curtain this week because of two things: they still have that tough Pitt D and it’s being played in hostile Heinz Field. Pitt wins with running the football and Polamalu picks off 2 of Ryan’s passe- one in the final 5 minutes- as Pitt goes 1-0 BB (Before Ben). PIT 17, ATL 13
    Cleveland vs. Tampa Bay Browns
    Who is looking for abismal football? Go to Tampa Bay. The Browns will be reeling on offense and usually the correct formula is: close matchup- pick the home team. But, this game is going to be so bad that special teams will be the factor. Cribbs takes on back on the only touchdown of the game and Jerome Harrison will ice this one late. CLE 10, TB 6
    Green Bay vs. Philadelphia Packers
    Rodgers will be unbelievable and everyone will see what Kevin Kolb truly is- and that is a mediocre QB at best. Pack roll over the Illy-delph. GB 41, PHI 21
    Arizona vs. St. Louis Cardinals
    St. Louis fans have turned their attention to football after their baseball team tanked. However, look for Arizona to finally show St. Louis a CARDINALS win. ARI 24, STL 9
    San Francisco vs. Seattle 49ers
    I am not a big Alex Smith guy or a Michael Crabtree supporter. Therefore, I must be a Frank Gore fan. Gore has a big day and helps my fantasy team (It’s On Like Ndamukong) out big time as Pete Carrol’s opening day is a close loss. SF 27, SEA 17
    Indianapolis vs. Houston Colts
    “Texans taking over the AFC South crown this year!” Boy, that is a recurring August statement the last few seasons. Last time I checked, no. 18 is still on the Colts and he still knows how to win. IND 34, HOU 20
    Dallas vs. Washington Redskins
    Don’t worry, Cowboy fans. Don’t get too alarmed. And if you are wearing a pig snout and getting happy over this pick- calm down. Romo has not had enough time to get used to throwing to Dez Bryant yet and I think the Boys’ offense will look a little lackadasical week 1. Boys will bounce back to win this division later in the year, but the Skins will get excited week 1 with a W. Portis is underrated this year too. I got him in both fantasy leagues and Shanahan likes to run the ball. WAS 17, DAL 14
    Baltimore vs. New York Jets Ravens
    Here are my super bowl victors this year. No, I am not talking about the J-E-T-S. Too much hype for a team who has a bottom 5 QB in the league. The Ravens’ D is going to chew Sanchez up and spit him back out as the Ravens show the world on Monday night that they are the team to beat in the AFC. Joe Flacco’s coming out party this year as well. With all of the WR around him, defenses will have to pay attention to the pass game. That means Ray Rice will be doing big things. BAL 35, NYJ 13
    San Diego vs. Kansas City Chargers
    Ryan Mathews will be the Rookie of the Year this season- exactly why Steve Specht and It’s On Like Ndamukong will win Fantasy Football Championships. Chargers roll over the Chiefs to round out week 1. SD 31, KC 14

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