“Welcome to Flushing”

Roger Federer looks to prove the world wrong over the next two weeks, and show that he still has what it takes to capture a big time championship. Can he win the US Open for an amazing 6th time?

The tennis world will gather in Flushing today as the this year’s final Grand Slam gets under way.  There are many key storylines as play begins:

-1.  Andy Murray is looking to secure his first Grand Slam Championship.  The British phenom has been near the top of the tennis game for some time now, but has never been able to take home the big pay-day.  Will his luck change in Flushing?

-2.  Rafael Nadal looks to complete the career “Grand Slam” by capturing the one Grand Slam event that has eluded him in the past.  After two consecutive semifinal appearances in Flushing,  can Rafa demonstrate his all around toughness on the hard courts of New York?

-3.  Can Roger Federer prove to the world that his reign is not over yet and capture his first US Open title since 2008?  He was the runner-up in New York last year, losing in 5 sets to Juan Martin Del Potro (who will not be playing this year).

-4.  Can an American end the 7 year drought of Grand Slam Championships?  The last time an American male captured a prestigious Grand Slam Championship was in 2003, when Roddick took home a title at this site (the US Open).

So these are the 4 key questions to the tournament in my eyes.  Lets delve into some answers.

1.  Andy Murray is more than capable of  bringing home the first Grand Slam title of his career here.  Murray possesses an outstanding all around game that fits perfectly for the hard courts of Flushing.  He has proven that he can beat the big dogs lately, by knocking off both Federer and Nadal in straight sets in Toronto.  So definitely do not overlook Murray, who is ranked 4th heading into this event.  I will state though, both Nadal and Federer’s hunger to prove the naysayers wrong will not help Murray’s chances though.  Look for Andy to go deep as usual, but to come up short, in either the Semifinals or the Finals.  I would expect a Semifinal exit though.

2.  Nadal is more than ready to take home the one Grand Slam that has eluded him during the course of his stellar career.  He currently holds the number 1 ranking.  He has won 5 titles this year.  Has a combined 52 and 7 match record.  Plus he is hungry.  Expect this guy to roll into the Finals for a date with his old nemesis Mr. Federer.  Rafa plays every point like it is his last and will cruise his ways into the Finals.  Counterpunchers can be quite dangerous on the hard courts of New York.  Sure he will have challenges such as a possible date with Andy Murray, but it is very hard to stop this guy when he is motivated.  I expect Rafa to come up just short though and lose in the Finals due to the fact that another man is even more motivated, Roger Federer.

3.  Roger Federer will shock the world over the next two weeks and take home an astounding 17th Grand Slam title.  I am not sure what it is about this guy.  All directions are pointing against him capturing a 6th US Open title.  But I for some reason feel like this guy has one more big time tourney left in him.  And this is the one.  Sure Wimbledon has always been his playground, but he has not exactly been a slouch in Flushing over the years.  Look for Roger to upset his old nemesis, Rafa, and prove to the world that even at the age of 29, he is still capable of playing like the best player in the world.

4.  This will not be the tournament that an American will end the 7 year drought.  Guys like Nadal, Federer, and Murray are just too good to all go down here.  But I will state, guys like Roddick and Fish could both go deep.  They have both played outstanding this summer and have each enjoyed success in the past in Flushing.  All 4 of the top Americans, have had their best Grand Slam finishes in Flushing during their careers. Coincidence, I think not.  Roddick captured his only Grand Slam title here in 03.  Fish, made the quarterfinals in 2008. John Isner made the 4th round in 2009.  And Sam “the man” Querrey made the 4th round in 08.  I definitely would not be surprised to see at least one of these four guys, maybe two of them if we are lucky, sneak into the Quarterfinals.  But do not expect one of them to take home the hardware.  It would be one of the most improbable runs in history.

So there you have it.  The biggest tennis tournament that America has to offer gets under way today.  As the pro tour loves to say, “We will be seeing you in New York.”

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.



40 responses to ““Welcome to Flushing”

  1. Interesting! I am not a Federer fan, and hope he doesn’t win. Being a UK ex-pat I should hope that this is Murray’s first Grand Slam, but now I am a Spanish Citizen, I am torn and hope for a Nadal win!!

    • Moranna,
      Well Murray, Nadal, and Federer all have a great chance here to bring home the final Grand Slam of the year. I am thinking it is Roger’s turn though.


  2. Well, if Federer wants to win 20 Grand Slams like he said, he’s better to win this one! I really didn’t like him until I talked to him at the Rogers Cup in Toronto this year, while I was covering the event for work.
    But Sampras will be always number one for me!

    • Elenasc,
      Federer is a good guy. I have seen him a few times in Cincinnati and he has always impressed me with his eloquence and grace. I am a die hard Sampras guy as well, but Pete has moved on from tennis.

      Look for Federer to surprise and win this one.


  3. Great Post! Andy Murray and Roger Federer are pretty young and still have a bright future ahead. They will win a lot of trophies and recognition in the future.

  4. I really hope Federer wins! I don’t like Murray at all, and i dont care if he is British and i’m “meant” to support him.

    • Slyviangirl,
      Federer is definitely a guy that I would like to see win this prestigious event. I can see how Murray turns some people off, but he is a great player that is right on the cusp of making that step into the elite and ultra exclusive US Open Champions club.

      Should be interesting to see what transpires these next two weeks.


  5. Cheneetoto08,
    Federer in tennis years is far from young. Many consider the age of 29 a dinosaur age on the ATP Tour. But I still think he has some top notch play left in the tank.

    Murray on the other hand, at the age of 23 is hitting the prime of his career. It will be interesting to see if he can conquer the hurdle of winning a major. I think he can. A very bright future is ahead of him.


  6. Hard courts aren’t exactly Nadal’s strong point of the open arenas, but it’d be brilliant if he can get to the finals. And while I’ve been a Federer fan for years, I’m kind of rooting for a dark horse to wow me this year. Upsets aren’t exactly a rarity in the tennis world, so it wouldn’t surprise me if someone completely different get to the finals.

    • Ann,
      Nadal is definitely a clay courter first. But he has developed into a fine player on grass and has shown ability on the hard courts at times. Though his consistently level has waivered at times on the hard surface. There are plenty of dark horses that could come out of nowhere and take this tourney.

      Guys like Roddick, Fish, Nalbandian, and dare I call Novak Djokovic a dark horse. The men’s game has a ton of very strong players and is not lacking in talent. It has been odd the way that Nadal and Federer have dominated the past 7 years and sort of out of character for men’s tennis. But I do expect the champion of this particular event to be Federer, Nadal, or Murray.


  7. Great blog! Come on Murray!!

    • Passionjustlikemine,
      Murray could take it home. He is entering the prime of his career. But I am going with Federer this time around. Murray is very close though.


  8. Great post. I used to keep up with the tennis world but have been out of it lately. Now I am ready for some good matches.

  9. This is great

  10. Roddick can do it, he’s always a threat

    • Hope,
      Roddick is definitely always a threat and I am a huge fan of the adjustments he has made to his game over the past few years. He has a solid draw in that he will get to play Djokovic, who he typically owns and could very well sneak into the Semifinals.

      But due to his inability to outlast opponents due to his recent bout with mononucleosis and Federer/Nadal/Murray’s determination, I do not see him taking home the title.

      But I will admit that it would be pretty neat if he could win this thing.


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  12. Well, Hope to see an enjoyable tournament ..
    To me. I hope forger wins it .. he’s been doing great the four weeks ago.
    Rafa, Murray, Nole, Davydinko … etc, wish to see great tennis coming out of them

  13. This is what you call an expert opinion. Very nice blog. I would like to see a Federer-Nadal final with Federer beating Nadal in straight sets (hope my day dream comes true though). I am an Indian and would like to see one of the Indians lift the US Open trophy (Realistically possible only in doubles).


  14. oh Roger could just nail all the other players EASILY.. 😀

  15. Solitary Traveler

    federer will win? nah. have u seen his first round match? not very sharp and commanding game he had. he’ll be in trouble when he comes across soderling or djokovic with that kind of performance. i’m anxious to see how rafa performs though.

    and, how about the women’s side?


  16. Go Andy!!! The UK has waited for a true tennis success story for a long, long time… it’s the big Wimbledon that still eludes us…. well, maybe next year….

    • Sayitinasong,
      Murray is a great all around player who definitely has the game to capture not only one Grand Slam Titles, but multiple. I just am not sure if will happen at this year’s US Open event.

      Maybe he will capture a Wimbledon in time..


  17. Go Andy!!! The UK has waited for a harmonious tennis success news for a sesquipedalian, want moment… it’s the big Suburb that noneffervescent eludes us…. vessel, maybe next year….

    • Hassan,
      Maybe this could finally be the year where the UK has to stop saying maybe next year. Murray is very tough on the hard courts and should do well in Flushing.


  18. Go Roger! I hope Federer wins it. He is such a great player to watch.

    • Digital Paintings,
      We have truly been blessed to have players like Sampras and Federer come around in such a short period of time. Both are truly amazing and the most graceful of winners.


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