“I Love This Game”

Though Red's outfielder Jonny Gomes has struggled as of late, he did bang out his 100th career home run in the Red's amazing victory yesterday.

“I love this game” has been the slogan for years now in representing the premier basketball league in the world, the NBA. I feel like this slogan or a similar variation should be adopted by the MLB soon.  What a day it was for baseball’s finest.  Two games yesterday with contending teams saw 9 run leads vanquished on the same day!  This would be like seeing two 30 point leads in basketball evaporate in mid-air.  It just doesn’t happen.  

Well the one that matters to me, and most of my viewers is the game regarding our beloved Reds.  I mean really what is there to say about yesterday’s game other than, “I love this game?”  I love how frequently the typical sport’s fan says, “Baseball is boring.”  And sure it may be slower than watching an NFL game or an NBA game at times.  But days like yesterday make you realize why this game is the American pastime.  And sure I was in need of a pacemaker by the end of this seemingly never-ending battle, but I loved every minute of it. 

23 runs!  34 hits! 6 errors!  A blown 10 to 1 lead.  Three extra innings.  Francisco “Coco” Cordero, a closer, steps into the batter’s box.  Joey Votto demonstrating why he should be the MVP with 4 hits and 2 home runs.  A 9th inning comeback for the Reds (a team who was up 10 to 1).  Jonny Gomes 100th career base knock.  I mean really what didn’t this game have?  It was truly the Wild Wild West yesterday in San Francisco.  And those fans there, though they came out on the losing end, probably will never get to witness another game like that in person again.  This game had everything. 

The Reds are beginning to turn into that jerk in high school that all of the girls “hate” but “love” all at the same time.  They suffer a gut wrenching sweep at the hand of the rival Cardinals a couple of weeks ago.  Fans are absolutely disgusted and have lost faith.  Then the boys sweep Hanley Ramirez and the Marlins.   They tease fans at the beginning of their West Coast road trip putting on a stellar performance in a three game sweep of the lowly Arizona Diamondbacks.  Then they went out after losing 9 straight games in LA, to take 2 of 3 from Joe Torre and the boys.  Fans are flying high and talking playoffs again.  Finally, the trip closed in the Bay area.  And boy did it close with a bang yesterday.  And so what if the Reds lost 2 of 3 to the Giants.  They still are coming out of this crucial trip to the West Coast, which has been circled on players and fans’ calendars alike for a month now up 3.5 games over the rival Cards.  A 6 and 3 West Coast Road Trip is very impressive for any team in baseball.  

But lets recap this series with the Giants.  The Giants put up a mind-blowing 39 runs (and people say baseball is boring).  A lot of these scores seemed to possess more excitement and points than a Raven’s NFL Football game.  In all three games in San Francisco, the Giants mustered up 11 or more runs. Want to know the last time that the Reds gave up 11 runs to an opponent?  Try June 15th against the Los Angeles Dodgers in a 12 to 0 loss.  In the Dodger’s series this week, LA mustered up 11 total runs over 3 games.  But would we have wanted this trip to go any other way really? 

We now come back to Cincy with a day off, and a team that leads the Cardinals by 3 and a half games.  And sure we were spoiled by the first 6 games with stellar play by our boys, but I will take a 6 and 3 road trip any day. 

In addition, the Hamilton Little League All Stars were sent home yesterday.  In a game where they gave up 1 hit and blew a 4 to 0 lead, they took the defeat 6 to 4 at the hands of Hawaii.  Baseball can be a funny game sometimes.  When you give up 1 hit and bang out 7, generally you expect a win. 

And now that my heart has recovered from yesterday’s insane excitement, I can truly say, “I love this game.” 

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze. 



2 responses to ““I Love This Game”

  1. Gooch from The Bronx

    Would you have been so happy if the Reds came out on the losing end yesterday? I don’t think so. Also, when will Jay Bruce learn to bunt? Where is the hitting coach? Can’t he help Bruce learn to bunt? Bruce came close to costing the Reds the game and he should be thankful that Votto saved him from being the goat.

  2. Gooch,
    People probably would not have been nearly as happy. But a 5 and 4 road trip would not have been awful, and we would have been 2.5 games ahead still.

    You are correct. It is unacceptable when guys in the MLB cannot bunt. Bruce better fix this as soon. Come playoff time, everybody in the lineup has to be capable of bunting. Small ball wins in the playoffs.

    If Bruce can’t bunt in October, it could come back to bite us.


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