“Tebow Mania”

Denver Broncos 3rd string quarterback Tim Tebow, is getting the attention of a 1st stringer. Could the former Zeus like figure from Florida start in this League?

You really think Gatorade was the biggest thing to come out of Florida in the past 50 years?  You have got to be kidding.  You must be forgetting about the man, the myth, the legend.  King of the Swamp.  King of College Football.  A man of a Godlike stature.  The Chosen One from Florida.  Urban Meyer’s “Real Son.”  The real “Most Interesting Man” in the world. 

Tim “Gator Chomping” Tebow, the “Greatest College Football” player of all time.

Or so they say..

 Tebow Mania is back.  And does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.  Last evening Tebow made his first professional appearance against the Cincinnati Bengals in a preseason contest.  He put on a mediocre performance at best, going 8 of 13 for 105 yards, plus one rushing touchdown the last play of the game.  I will state this.  I have never heard of a 3rd string quarterback getting more recognition and accolades in my entire life.  The guy is the 3rd string QB on a team that failed to make the postseason last year.  Yet he has the highest selling jersey in the League.  Headlines about him have been dominating ESPN more than any other NFL players except Darrelle Revis, Brett Favre, and Albert Haynesworth (who are all proven stars I might add).

It just is absolutely astonishing me.  Tebow could go without taking a snap the entire year in a real game.  And you better believe he would get more media attention than 90% of the players in the League.  I remember a few months ago when everyone was utterly shocked he got drafted in the 1st round.  The man who they called the “Greatest College Player” of all time was a 1st round shocker.  There were question marks galore on if he had the tools to be an NFL quarterback.  And I hate to say it, none of those question marks have subsided.

There are only 3 things that we know for certain about the “God” that is Tim Tebow.  First of all he has moved his throne from the Gainesville Swamp to the Rocky Mountains.  Secondly, he has a phenomenal work ethic.  This has never been questioned.  Finally, he has a way with words with the media.  This is made much easier by his “Golden Boy” image.  But sadly there are question marks on many important things.  We still do not know if this kid has a prayer of touching the field this year.  We still do not known if he has the pocket savviness and the ability to quarterback in this League.  We still do not know if he can handle the speed of the defensive ends of the NFL, especially with his painfully slow throwing motion.  We still do not know if he can handle not being on a team where he has the fastest and most talented players around him.  We still do not know if he can deal with being on a team that is not coached by his “Daddy,” Urban Meyer.

But I digress.  The NFL better brace itself for Tebow Mania.  Because Tim is on board.  And after last night, people are already calling for a Tebow promotion from 3rd to 2nd string.

Can you handle more worshipping of this guy?  Even if he is just a 2nd or 3rd quarterback?

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7 responses to ““Tebow Mania”

  1. He will be 2nd string in no time, and rightfully so. Brady Quinn put on one of the worst performances I have ever seen out of a backup QB in the NFL while Tebow at least made the offense move (albeit against a soft defense composed of guys just trying not to get cut). Tebow deserves a shot at least against the big boys, and McDaniels isn’t stupid enough to wait until the regular season to give it to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if McDaniels starts Tebow in week 4 just to see how he can run a true NFL offense against a true NFL defense.

    However, I did notice that the “refined” throwing motion that Tebow worked so hard to show at camps disappeared once he got into a game situation. That slow release will bite him if he is throwing in Ed Reed or Darrell Revis’s direction rather than some 4th string scrub.

    • JGed,
      Quinn was awful the other night. But Tebow will not leapfrog the former Fighting Irish star yet. And in Week 4 of preseason, typically the 2nd string guy starts. So it would be nothing out of the ordinary to see Quinn and Tebow getting a ton of reps come Week 4.

      Tebow will never get to go up against a true defense though until he plays in a real regular season game. And that may not even occur this year depending on how the team does.

      You are also correct in the reappearance of the Tebow throwing motion of old. That long loopy motion is so slow, that NFL 1st string secondarys would have a field day.

      But do not count Tebow as a for sure 2nd string guy yet. I think Brady can do much better than he did the other night. Either way it does not make a whole lot of difference. The Bengals defense made Kyle Orton look like Peyton Manning early on in the game anyways.


  2. I was talking with a life-long Broncos fan before the game about expectations for the team this season. The expectation is for a grim 6-10 season. They are not expecting to see Tim anytime soon. I began to think about what could happen with the Golden Gator this season. I broke it down to three options:

    Not in any specific order…

    1. Orton gets injured and Quinn can’t produce so Tebow takes the field.

    2. Tebow gets some “wild cat” plays starting mid-season and that’s it.

    3. If Orton performs, Tebow impresses on film and gets traded to a team that will need a starter next year and get his big break (Brett Favre’s first team was the Falcons not the Packers and he wasn’t “Brett Favre” before the trade).

    I am in no way comparing Tebow to Favre but I see similarities in the two. Mainly, they are both true players, not the best athletes on the field, but true football players. There is a difference between an athlete that plays football and a football player. Not saying one is better than the other but Tebow has intangibles. Then there is leadership, both are great leaders that can rally a team behind them and lead them to a lot of victories.

    Now the one big glaring problem with Tebow is the long release, I noticed it at the Bengals game even on a short dump pass. The one thing I can tell you from watching the game is that he was surprisingly accurate. Not only on short routes but on the deep ones as well as the sideline passes and back-shoulder passes. There a lot of “top” quarterbacks that don’t always connect on those types of passes. I’m not saying he is going to be a star yet but I can definitely see it happening in the next 2 years.

    • CV3,
      I completely understand where you are coming from with your thoughts here. But one thing that baffles my mind is that you said your old friend that is die hard Broncos fan does not expect to see Tebow anytime soon? They drafted him in the first round. Teams draft a guy in a first round that they feel will contribute within the first year or two.

      I do definitely see Tebow having opportunities to touch the field in Red Zone situations or if the Broncos decide to utilize the Wildcat frequently. There are definitely some similarities between Favre in Tebow. Both are very unorthodox in their styles, and love media attention (jk). But in all seriousness, I just do not know if I see it with Tebow. His release will really hurt him. But if any guy has the work ethic to fix his game up, it is him. And Tebow does definitely possess the “intangibles.” But sometimes in the NFL, the “intangibles” are not quite enough.

      It will be interesting to see if Tebow completely tanks, or takes over in the NFL similar to how he did in the College game. My guess is he falls somewhere in the middle.


  3. Broncos fans have no expectation to see Tebow soon because the Broncos have pinned Orton as their man for this season. Orton had better stats last year than Carson Palmer and has the job on lock… (all coming from a Broncos fan)

    • CV3,
      Orton did play well last year. But generally if you draft a QB in the first round, or any player really, you are expecting them to make an impact within their first 2 seasons.

      But who knows. Orton did have a solid year last year and I will be curious to see if he can repeat the performance.


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