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“Tebow Mania”

Denver Broncos 3rd string quarterback Tim Tebow, is getting the attention of a 1st stringer. Could the former Zeus like figure from Florida start in this League?

You really think Gatorade was the biggest thing to come out of Florida in the past 50 years?  You have got to be kidding.  You must be forgetting about the man, the myth, the legend.  King of the Swamp.  King of College Football.  A man of a Godlike stature.  The Chosen One from Florida.  Urban Meyer’s “Real Son.”  The real “Most Interesting Man” in the world. 

Tim “Gator Chomping” Tebow, the “Greatest College Football” player of all time.

Or so they say..

 Tebow Mania is back.  And does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.  Last evening Tebow made his first professional appearance against the Cincinnati Bengals in a preseason contest.  He put on a mediocre performance at best, going 8 of 13 for 105 yards, plus one rushing touchdown the last play of the game.  I will state this.  I have never heard of a 3rd string quarterback getting more recognition and accolades in my entire life.  The guy is the 3rd string QB on a team that failed to make the postseason last year.  Yet he has the highest selling jersey in the League.  Headlines about him have been dominating ESPN more than any other NFL players except Darrelle Revis, Brett Favre, and Albert Haynesworth (who are all proven stars I might add).

It just is absolutely astonishing me.  Tebow could go without taking a snap the entire year in a real game.  And you better believe he would get more media attention than 90% of the players in the League.  I remember a few months ago when everyone was utterly shocked he got drafted in the 1st round.  The man who they called the “Greatest College Player” of all time was a 1st round shocker.  There were question marks galore on if he had the tools to be an NFL quarterback.  And I hate to say it, none of those question marks have subsided.

There are only 3 things that we know for certain about the “God” that is Tim Tebow.  First of all he has moved his throne from the Gainesville Swamp to the Rocky Mountains.  Secondly, he has a phenomenal work ethic.  This has never been questioned.  Finally, he has a way with words with the media.  This is made much easier by his “Golden Boy” image.  But sadly there are question marks on many important things.  We still do not know if this kid has a prayer of touching the field this year.  We still do not known if he has the pocket savviness and the ability to quarterback in this League.  We still do not know if he can handle the speed of the defensive ends of the NFL, especially with his painfully slow throwing motion.  We still do not know if he can handle not being on a team where he has the fastest and most talented players around him.  We still do not know if he can deal with being on a team that is not coached by his “Daddy,” Urban Meyer.

But I digress.  The NFL better brace itself for Tebow Mania.  Because Tim is on board.  And after last night, people are already calling for a Tebow promotion from 3rd to 2nd string.

Can you handle more worshipping of this guy?  Even if he is just a 2nd or 3rd quarterback?

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“I Will See You In Cincinnati”

Andy Murray is coming off his first title of the season in Toronto and looks to continue his hard court dominance in Cincinnati.

 Every summer, come August, tennis mania hits Cincinnati.  It is the time where both the ATP and WTA make pit stops in Mason and visit their old friend “Cincinnati.”  This is one of the final tune-ups on the road to Flushing Meadows.  And this is always a tournament that really excites the city and players alike.  There is one major difference this year from past years.  Cincinnati is in the midst of both Red’s and Bengal’s fever.  The Red’s are atop the NL Central and the Bengals are a favorite in the AFC North.  Either way though, Mason is still the happening spot to be over this 2 week period.  It is the “It” thing to do in Cincinnati. 

The women’s tournament did lose much of its typical luster due to the lack of “Williams” in the main draw.  Both Serena and Venus pulled out due to “injury.”  So instead fans got a memorable final that seemed to be a flashback to 5 years ago, as two former number 1s, Kim Clijsters and Maria Sharapova dueled it out on Center Court.  This was a very high quality final and Clijsters grinded it out like the days of old.  Starting today though, the real deal begins as the main draw for the men’s draw gets under way.  And in this draw, all the big dogs are here.  There are no “injuries.” 

Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Federer, Roddick, etc are ready to roll.  Fans will be getting their money’s worth this week.  The big story is the sudden emergence of Andy Murray as possibly the best hard court player in the world.  Murray beat both Nadal and Federer in Toronto. He also took down Nadal on the hard courts at the Australian Open in January. Murray looks poised to possibly bring home the first Grand Slam of his career in Flushing Meadows.  This guy has an outstanding all around game and really could bring home the US Open.  Federer has thrived on Grass (other than this year) and Nadal on the Clay.  Maybe the hard court will become Murray’s domain? 

People do not realize, but we are very fortunate in Cincinnati.  The main tour these days is referred to as the ATP Master Series.  This consists of the 4 Grand Slams and 9 other major tournaments.  Well Cincinnati is one of these 9 major pitstops.  Why Cincinnati?  Well the event began in Cincinnati in 1899.  And is the oldest tournament in the United States played in its original city.  I bet you were not aware of that.  Many do not realize, this summer tennis swoon is more than just a happening of the moment.  It is a very historic tradition for this city and something that does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.  People really need to continue to grasp the significance of this major event for Cincinnati and embrace it. 

This week, look for some big time tennis.  Expect to see Murray, Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic roll deep into this tourney, as I do not believe any of them are playing in New Haven next week.  This is their final tune-up for the year’s final major.  You better believe that they want to show their readiness for Flushing Meadows.  Also expect Roddick to play deep into the draw.  An American typically surprises fans here every year and really excites the crowd with a deep run.  Well I am expecting that American to be Mr. Andy Roddick. 

I got Nadal taking care of Murray this week in the Finals and bringing home his 1st title in Cincinnati.  The extra couple of days of rest from the semifinal exit in Toronto will help Rafa this week in Cincy.  Also realize that no player has won the Canadian tournament (Toronto and Montreal rotate hosting each year) and then Cincinnati in consecutive weeks since Roddick accomplished this feat while hitting number 1, in the summer of 2003.  Speaking of Andy Roddick, do not be surprised if he is still hanging around come the semifinals. 

As the commercials on the tube say.  All of the best men’s tennis players, “Will be seeing you in Cincinnati.”  

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