“A Morning We Have Been Waiting For?”

Alex Rodriguez may have overwelmingly better career numbers than Yankee legend Derek Jeter, but he will probably never be able to escape the shadow of the Captain.

This morning was the most jam-packed we have had in some time regarding the sporting world.  Here were the main headlines:

-“Brett Favre says not so fast and may not be retiring.”

-“Shaquille O’Neal signed with the Boston Celtics for the league veteran minimum.” 

-“Alex Rodriquez banged out his 600th homerun to become the youngest player ever to reach this milestone.”

These headlines made this a very eventful morning for sports fanatics.  I mean all three items are a big deal.  

Headline 1:  I mean are you really surprised? So can you count him as good as in?  Probably.  Brett Favre is the John Kerry and Lebron James all in one of the NFL.  He constantly flip-flops and craves attention.  The combination of a big time professional athlete and politician does not strike me as the most enticing mix.  Well world, get ready for the normal “Brett Favre Media Saga.”  There will not be a day for the rest of the summer where you turn on ESPN and do not hear about Brett Favre within the first 20 minutes of a show.  And now the Vikings are back to being Super Bowl contenders.  Talk about the difference a day can make for a franchise.  I feel bad for Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson.  Another off-season of not knowing where they stand.

Headline 2:  This one was more expected as ESPN’s NBA expert Chris Broussard had been informing America that the former Magic, Lakers, Heat, Suns, and Cavaliers superstar would be joining the defending Eastern Conference Champion Celtics.  The idea is to help fill the void of the injured Kendrick Perkins.  Well there are two very interesting parts to this decision.  First of all the man who calls himself “Superman” signed for the veteran League minimum.  I mean this guy made 21 million with the Cavaliers just last year.  When did you think you would ever see the day where a guy who has made well over 200 million dollars in salary over his career would sign for a measly 1.4 million?  Secondly, this man was once one of the Laker greats.  He won 3 titles in his 6 year stay in LA.  And he is going to play for the Celtics?  This is like playing for the Yankees and winning a few World Series.  And then 10 years later playing for the Boston Red Sox.  Where is the loyalty?  Shaq’s desperation to win another title is apparent in his signing for the League minimum with a team that was once an arch rival for him.  I really think the truth of the matter is he wants to match the 5 titles of his nemesis Kobe Bryant.  But who knows.  He may just want to retire on top.  All I know is, I cannot remember any of the greats playing on 6 different teams. 

Headline 3:  Alex Rodriguez became the 7th member of the elite 600 HR club.  He also is the youngest ever to enter this club.  It is definitely a huge relief for the Yankee star, who had really been pressing for the past few weeks during his 14 game homerless slump.  Going 46 at bats at 599 HRs must have been tough.  But let’s be real.  ARod has already had tough times since he started in New York.  Sure he got a title.  But the fans have never embraced him the way they do Derek Jeter.  And wouldn’t you know it on this landmark day for Rodriguez, Jeter went 4 for 4 to show that Yankee Stadium is still his house.  ARod will never be able to escape the Jeter shadow sadly.

So there you have it.  3 major events all before 1:30 today.  Which event do you feel was the biggest?  Let me hear your thoughts.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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