“TO Fo Sho”

If the Terrell Owen's Show arrives in Cincinnati, grab your popcorn for a very entertaining year.

Rumor has it that the one people call “TO” wants to come to Cincinnati.  Rumor has it that Antonio Bryant, the big off-season pickup of the Cincinnati Bengals is still having knee problems.  Rumor has it that not only Chad Ochocinco loves Terrell, but Carson Palmer is developing a strong bond with the TO Show.

The Bengals should go into attack mode immediately.  They must strike while the iron is hot.  Terrell has expressed that he wants to play in Cincinnat over any other team in the League.  TO is very close friends with Bengal’s current star receiver Chad Ochocinco.  The Bengals struggled in the passing game last season due to many reasons.  I mean Carson Palmer was just 16th in the League in passing yards for crying out loud.  Palmer used to be one of the League’s elite passers.  Laverneus Coles tanked as a number 2 receiver.  He had just 43 catches for 514 yards.  Chris Henry was lost due to some very sad circumstances.  And the Bengals morphed into a boring old school running team.

Carson Palmer is 31 and has been in the League for 7 years now.  Chad Ochocinco is 32 and has been in the League for 9 years now.  These are the mainstays that are still around from the potent 2005 offensive attack that led the Bengals to their first playoff appearance in over 15 years.  These guys are not getting any younger.  They have been through the good and the bad.  They have been through the fire.

People love both Carson and Chad in Cincinnati.  They are icons to this city.  So listen to their pleas.  At this point in their careers, they want to take it to the next level.  The way in which we can do that is picking up a seasoned veteran like Terrell Owens.  TO’s antics appeared to have subsided over the past year.  Maybe he has gotten over himself and has decided that he wants to win a ring before his career ends (this is wishful thinking).  But either way, Chad is very close to him and seems like the only guy in the League that could tame the beast that is Terrell Owens.

Cincinnati wants a winner.  Last year wetted our appetite.  This year we want a team that can bring us to our first Super Bowl since 1988.  The Reds are back in contention.  The Bengals are back into contention.  Why not bring us our first World Championship in a professional sport since 1990.

20 years is far too long.  And the first step in this process for the Bengals would be securing the TO Show, Fo Sho.

The NFL has become a win now, worry about next year later type of League.  So why not grab Owens, who isn’t getting any younger and try to win now?

Grab your popcorn, because if this move were to happen, this would be a season for the ages both on and off the field in Cincinnati.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportskraze.



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