“Homer a Hit?”

This has been a typical pose for Homer during his very difficult few years with the Cincinnati Reds. Could a possible move to the bulllpen change his luck?

I am not going to waste to much time talking about the Reggie Bush/USC insanity that is becoming a frenzy during these past couple of days.  People are saying, “Lets applaud USC for returning the 2005 Heisman Trophy and for eliminating all jerseys and memorabilia that relate to Reggie Bush or OJ Mayo.”  Why would I applaud them for this?  They are being mandated by the NCAA to do most of this.  The real question is did they know about this before?  Because if they did, then they would have shown real guts by taking these actions then, before the NCAA made them.  And Reggie Bush is laughing at this entire matter.  He got tens of thousands of dollars in college for himself and his family, and now he is raking in millions to go along with his Super Bowl ring in New Orleans (see my post from July 16th entitled “Fair Punishment”).

Earlier today I made a loose comparison between Washington National’s rookie pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg and Cincinnati Red Homer Bailey in a post entitled, “Don’t Be Blinded by the Hype.”  The Reds are currently in a search to beef up their bullpen to prep for a big time playoff run.  They offered former Cardinal closer Jason Isringhausen on the spot following his very impressive tryout yesterday.  The only problem for the Reds, the Yankees are also in the midst of looking to improve their bullpen and have been in contact with Isringhausen.  Other than Isringhausen, the market is not to stellar.  Teams are looking to possibly acquire Joakim Soria of the Kansas City Royals or Pittsburgh Pirates closer Octavio Dotel.

Well the Reds have a middle of the road payroll.  They cannot compete with the big dogs such as the Yankees in acquiring big name talent.  But what they can do is acquire from within.  What if upon the return of Mr. Homer Bailey from the disabled list, the Reds utilized him to take over the Micah Owing role?  Long-term bullpen relief work.  Homer Bailey would add another arm to our bullpen.  And want to know the best part?  We don’t have to give anything up or spend an excessive amount to get him.  He is an internal pickup.

I understand that Homer Bailey wants to be a starter.  He feels he was destined to be a big time starter in the big leagues.  And maybe he will be one day.  But I think Homer also wants to help this team win their first NL Central title since 1995.  In order to contribute, he may have to sacrifice himself to come out of the bullpen.  Homer is only 24 years old.  Look at how the Yankees had Phil Hughes as a starter, then a setup man, and now he is having a fantastic year as a starter.  Take one for the team Homer, even if you do not really have a choice in the matter.

So the Reds were looking to add another starter and provide some depth to their bullpen before the trade deadline on July 31st.  Well we got Edinson Volquez back from the DL.  In his first start back, he looked sharp as ever.  Why not give Homer a shot in the bullpen?  Now this is all speculation if we cannot pick up an Isringhausen, Soria, or Dotel.  But I have faith that Homer could be a steady guy for the club out of the bullpen.

Just food for thought.  If the Reds tried Homer out in the bullpen and he did well, Homer would finally be a hit.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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