“A Slow Day in Sports”

Kovalchuk inks a 17 year deal..

Jennie Finch is calling it quits..

Contador apologizes to fellow rider Schleck..

These are your main headlines for this lovely Tuesday morning.  Do you even know what sport Kovalchuk plays?  Did you know that Jennie Finch played a sport or is she just a bombshell model?  Do you have any idea who Contador and Schleck are and do you have any idea what the apology is for?

Now sure there is a bit of exaggeration there.  But in a summer jam packed with a thrilling NBA Finals, the French Open/Wimbledon, the World Cup, “The Decision,” and much more, these are some weak headlines.  And headlines that most would not look at twice.  Now me being a sports enthusiast realizes what these headlines are all pertaining to.  But for a normal fan, I would completely understand why you would immediately flip to page 2 and pray there are other things going on that are off interest.

So the first headline.  Yes you read that right.  An athlete signed a 17 year, 102 million dollar contract.  Ilya Kovalchuk is one of the best right wings in the NHL, and the New Jersey Devils just locked him up for the better part of 2 decades.  And no this guy is not a 15-year-old kid. He is 27.  The man will be taking the ice in New Jersey for the next 17 years!  Amare Stoudemire recently signed a 5 year deal with the Knicks for a little less than 100 million.  Kovalchuk is as good, if not a bigger star in his sport, yet he is only making 2 million more than Stoudemire in a contract that stems 12 years longer.  This is why I would much rather play in the NBA.  Plus the NBA is not nearly as violent.

The second main headline deals with probably the most famous softball player in the world, Jennie Finch.  Finch emerged onto the scene with Arizona  around 8 or 9 years ago with her great looks and amazing pitching abilities.  This girl put together a streak of 60 consecutive wins.  What if a pitcher in baseball accomplished that feat?  And then her stardom continued onto Team USA where she has been a mainstay ace on the staff for some time.  Her, Kat Osterman, and Lisa Fernandez have made up the best trifecta of pitchers softball has ever seen.  Team USA enjoyed a lot of success with these ladies leading the way.  Finch will be missed.

Then the last headline pertains to the Tour de France.  The former leader heading into Stage 15 was Andy Schleck.  Schleck had some bike difficulties yesterday and Contador sprinted ahead to take the lead while his opponent was down.  Many saw this as a sign of bad sportsmanship.  Contador tried to save face today by apologizing.  Contador is more well-known for his public conflict with cycling legend Lance Armstrong as a pose to his cycling prowess. Well maybe he is in the midst of forming another major conflict with famous cyclist Andy Schleck.  Contador may be better suited to star on the show “Gossip Girl” rather than being a professional cyclist.  He would probably be more well known.

The absolutely gorgeous Jennie Finch, who also modeled, is making headlines today for her expected retirement from competitive softball next month.

Should be interesting to see what happens down the stretch as the 2 compete for racing’s biggest prize.

So there you have it.  The main headlines pertain to an insane hockey contract that lasts longer than most athletes’ careers, a softball pitcher, and a cycling conflict.

Please let an NBA star or MLB star do something big today.  These headlines just aren’t cutting it from an entertainment standpoint.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.


5 responses to ““A Slow Day in Sports”

  1. Ever since the Lebron Decision thing it has been slow in sports. I have been really annoyed by it cuz it’s so hard to find stuff to write about sometimes. It’s going to be a while til things start picking up too, and by then school is going to have started :(. I guess I’m going to write the NHL and their incredibly retarded contracts today but most Americans don’t want to hear about the NHL so idk lol.

    • Chris,
      You are correct in that things have slowed up a bit. But College Football and the NFL are right around the corner. You are right in that the NHL is not all that popular in the US, but still people do follow it.

      You will find stuff. The MLB always has something going on.


  2. Small nit, Kovalchuk played in NJ this past year also. If Atlanta missed him, I’m sure they got over it this year.

    The contract money is all about how much revenue these teams make in their respective sport. NHL is not bringing in near the money that the NBA or NFL is. I’d be curious to see what the equivalent to this deal would be in NBA or NFL contracts. Probably $200M+

  3. JGed,
    You are completely right in this sentiment. NHL salary cap is around 39 to 40 million while the NBAs is around 56 to 58. These obviously vary by year. But there is an effect in that NHL teams can have up to 22 players on a roster and NBA teams can have up to 15.

    So it is a similar system, but the revenues are not as high in the NHL and teams are larger. So this leads to players getting smaller contracts in the NHL traditionally.


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