“Same Old Story”

Drew Brees hopes to lead the Saints to a second consecutive Super Bowl Championship in the 2010-2011 season. The Saints would be the first team to repeat as champions since the Patriots in 2005.

I will admit that I personally love the ESPYs.  It is the one  award’s show that we have for celebrities that I can actually watch and understand what is going on.  The Emmy’s, the Grammy’s, the Oscar’s are all fine awards shows, but most of it goes over my head.  I just do not know who the celebrities are and the nominees are for the awards.  But the ESPY’s, I know every single nominee.  I have a major bias and will admit that athletes are much more of an interest to me than pop culture.  I mean really though, this is a very fun show.  I can only imagine actually being there. 

You always have a very funny host who grills on people in the audience and in the sporting world.  You have beautiful women (DPs) all over the place (see Brooklyn Decker, Marissa Miller, Erin Andrews, etc).  You have all the athletes decked out in their finest.  You also have guys dawning great hair (see Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, and I could go on).  It is really just a great spectacle getting all of these super athletes in the same room for one night.  But I digress. 

Last evening, the big winner, was Saint’s quarterback Drew Brees.  Brees and the Saints took in 4 trophies.  And he also was the winner of the very prestigious award for “Best Male Athlete.”  This is also the first time in Saint’s history until they are defeated in the playoffs or eliminated from playoff contention that people can fairly answer the commonly posed New Orlean’s chant, “Who Dat?”  They are “Champions” until someone dethrones them.  The offseason is at full speed and training camps are inching ever closer. 

As usual, the team that won the Super Bowl in February is still raking in awards and accolades at this point.  Many are curious if the champion can repeat.  No team has done this since 2005 when the Patriots repeated as Super Bowl Champs.  So don’t count on it. In addition, seeing Terrell Owens looking fly at the show got me thinking about the TO Show.  As usual, people are unsure of where he will be bringing his antics this year.  Will he stay in Buffalo, will he go to New England?  Only time will tell. 

Also another highly developing story, are the Rams going to be able to sign number 1 draft pick Sam Bradford before training camp starts?  Everyone knows how important training camp is for all the players, but especially the rookies.  This is their first real taste of the League.  Training camps can really make or break teams some years.  And if Bradford is unsigned before camp, you can count on him to have a very difficult time during his rookie campaign.  But really, when can you remember all teams entering training camp with their number 1 picked signed and ready to roll? 

In addition, every team has reason why their fans should have hope at this point.  All teams have brought in new talent.  Every team is undefeated with an unblemished 0 and 0 record.  People from every city at least have a glimmer of hope and will tell you why their team could make some noise this season.  This is the League of parity right?  Any team can go from a pretender to a contender in a year right? 

Lastly, the other typical NFL summer story.  The Brett Favre saga continues.  Will he stay or will he go?  I really don’t know nor do I care.  But the media eats this story up every year.  It has become a tradition every offseason to turn this into the biggest NFL story.  Well strap in, because Brett made statements yesterday, and they will continue for at least a good month or so now.  Maybe we should ask the German octopus to predict whether he will come back?  The octopus is 8 for 8 all time in predictions and should give us our answer a month or 2 earlier than normal.  

Training camp starts at the end of the month or the very beginning of August for all teams.  Get ready, because the NFL is back.  

My top 5 will be coming in the near future. 

But it is the same old story with the NFL. 

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze. 


3 responses to ““Same Old Story”

  1. Kraze,

    Another good article this week. It has been awhile since I have sent you a comment and while you might think this is another me defending Brett Favre case, it isn’t. I would like to comment on the draft signing problem the NFL has. It really is unnecessary. It shouldn’t be a completely ridiculous claim that all NFL draft picks are signed before the start of training camp. These rookies need to get used to the NFL environment. It shocks me year after year. Old guys like Favre can afford to miss training camp and still play, but I do not see how young players can do this. If it was up to me they would use the slotted system like the NBA. Although it would be modified to include the first three rounds are all slotted or something similar. The NFL needs to fix this soon. Hopefully it will get done during the lockout of 2011.

    Joe Vick

  2. Joe,
    First of all good to have you back. It is a major problem. Every year many of the big name draftees are unsigned by the beginning of training camp. And then people wonder why these can’t miss picks are not ready to make an impact as a rookie.

    Its simple, they did not get everything they could have out of training camp. This does need to be fixed in the very near future. The jump from College to the Pros in football is momentous. Players need an entire training camp to have a prayer at being ready to play.


  3. Nice post bud. This NFL season is sure shaping up to be a good one. I am really pumped cuz the sports world is really slow right now and it’s not really going to get good til NFL season begins. I just saw the guy above commented about how he’s not going to defend Brett Favre, which I guess means that you don’t like what he does. I would have to disagree if that was the case. Do you have an article about this or something cuz I wanna know what you think about favre more in depth.

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