“When a Man Becomes Bigger than the Game Itself”

Lebron James has turned into the Brett Favre of the NBA and is now bigger than the game itself.

The NBA Free Agency frenzy this past week has shown me many things.  It has shown me what chaos is like.  It has shown me the power of coattail effects (power of mouth).  It has shown me the power of money.  It has shown me that NBA analysts can act like John Kerry and constantly flip-flop their opinions by the hour.  But the main thing it has shown me.. 

One man has become bigger than the game itself.  The man who proclaimed himself “King James” from a young age is the NBA.  The NBA should now be answering to the “King.”  Lebron has single-handedly turned this offseason into the Lebron show.  And sure there has been other players involved in this, but it all has been about James from day 1.  All the buildup of what the other players would do was all secondary to what the King would do.  And wouldn’t you know it, Lebron will be the last big time player to decide his fate tomorrow evening.  Do not forget to tune in to the hour special tomorrow night of Lebron’s big “announcement.”

Give me a break..

Now I will be the first to tell you that Lebron is probably the best player in the world at this time.  He is an exceptional athlete who has really redefined the game with his amazing size, grace, and skill.  But I think people are forgetting one major thing.  The kid, and that is what he is a kid (25 now), has not even won a title.  He has 0 rings and the world has gotten on its knees to worship this guy.  I mean if Michael Jordan was a free agent 15 years ago (and mind you he had rings),   would there have been an hour-long special on ESPN for his “announcement?”

I love the NBA.  And I will admit that I have enjoyed playing with the scenarios of what would happen during this highly anticipated free agency period as much as anybody.  But enough is enough.  There has been a super buildup for really a lack of movement.  Joe Johnson stayed put.  Dirk Nowitzki stayed put.  Paul Pierce stayed put.  Dwyane Wade stayed put.  Lebron may even stay put.

All the hype for what?  Sure it has been exciting, but not all that much has happened.  Other than Amare going to the Knicks, Bosh going to the Heat, and possibly Lebron heading to NYC, not much else out of the ordinary has occurred.  Now I do understand the significance this summer has played in molding the League for the next decade.  Even guys staying put is key to the future of the League and who will be its main contenders, but really not all that much has happened.

So Lebron James will really put a close to the main part of this free agency frenzy tomorrow night.  And I for one will be happy to see it end and be able to move on.  It will most likely be Cleveland or New York as the self-proclaimed “King’s” destination.  And that brings me to another point that has been bothering me for some time now.  Did Michael Jordan ever have to refer to himself as Air Jordan?  Well Lebron James has to refer to himself as “King James.”  Is this symbolic?

I would love to see Lebron end up on the Knicks in that I am a Knick’s fan.  But Lebron has turned into the Brett Favre of the NBA. 

A man who is bigger than the League and bigger than the game itself.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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