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“Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

In the biggest boxing match in recent memory, Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Sugar Shane Mosley in a unanimous decision on the big stage.  Yesterday truly was a Super Saturday.  It was an American’s dream day.  First of all there was the Kentucky Derby.  An event of gambling, drinking, and fun.  Something people love to do.  Then there was of course NBA Playoff Games.  American’s got to watch the greatest player in the world, who happens to be one of their own, the King, Lebron James, will his Cavs to a hard-fought victory over the aging Boston Celtics.  And then finally, to cap off the day of gambling, the most highly anticipated boxing match in recent memory was held.  It was truly a great day to be a sports fan in America.

So back to the boxing match.  Mayweather, the best fighter of our generation, easily discarded the very tough opponent Mosley.  Way to go Floyd.  You beat a 38-year-old who is way past his prime.  I mean this is what boxing has come to these days.  The sport has been dying for the better part of a decade unfortunately.  The depth and quality of the professional fighters has deeply been declining for years now.  The interest is just not there.  Sure people love to bet and gamble on big fights like the spectacle of last night, but how many people actually really follow the boxing game anymore?  How many people are watching matches every week?  It just doesn’t happen.

Was Mayweather impressive last night?  You better believe it.  Does he talk entirely too much?  You better believe it.  Maybe America would have been better off had Mosley’s big right hand in the 2nd round knocked out Mayweather.  Then we would not have to sit and listen to him continue to talk himself up as the greatest of all time.  This guy really fits the stereotype of a great fighter in his post fight interviews.  He speaks in the 3rd person.  He does not really directly answer questions.  And he says things like, “I am a strong individual, can’t nothing stop me.” 

Well you know what, sadly he may be right.  He has proved to be the dominant force in this sport that is lacking star power.  So Mayweather has 22.5 million guaranteed for his stellar performance last night and probably more.  I will admit that he really has nothing left to prove.  The only thing that is possibly missing from Mayweather’s phenomenal career is a victory over Manny Pacquiao.  This was the matchup that fans were supposed to see last night.

But due to the politics and the incompetency of today’s boxing world, this fight was not able to be made a reality.  Well I will tell you this.  It better happen in the near future.  These are the two guys at the top of the sport.  Everyone wants to see the fight.  And frankly, boxing needs to re-generate some interest across the board.

So professional boxing, please put your money where your mouth is and get everyone the fight they have been waiting to see.  Pacquiao vs Mayweather on the big stage within the next year.

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“Brandon Jennings, Welcome to Your First Game 7”

There are 2 NBA games today.  But the first of the doubleheader is the one with the most meaning.  It is the first Game 7 of this year’s NBA Playoffs.  The Milwaukee Bucks look to shock America and knock off the heavily favored Atlanta Hawks.  In the 2nd game of the afternoon, 2 injury riddled teams open up a Conference Semifinals series.  The Utah Jazz look to avoid being eliminated by the Lakers from the playoffs for the 3rd consecutive year.  And this is a better Jazz team in past years, not to mention the Lakers could be without their center Andrew Bynum, but all directions point towards the Lake Show taking care of business.  With Okur out for the series and Kirilenko out for at least the first 2 games of the series, the load will heavily fall on Deron Williams.  And without question, Deron Williams has proven to be the best all around point guard in the NBA at this time.  The Lakers struggled stopping Russell Westrook in the opening round.  Wait until they get a dose of Mr. Deron Williams.  In the end though, Deron does not have a star like Kevin Durant to help him out down the stretch.  Look for the Lake Show take care of this series and move on to the Conference Finals for their 3rd consecutive year.

So back to the real game of the day that matters.  I will admit I picked the Hawks to win this series in 5 games in an earlier edition of Sportskraze.  But the Bucks have fought, and even had a chance to close the series out at home in Game 6.  They were unable to deliver though and now face the daunting task of going into Atlanta and stealing a Game 7 victory. 

This is a familiar position for the Hawks.  Who a couple of year’s ago were the young guns looking to pull off the improbable upset of the mighty Boston Celtics (Boston went on to silence critics and win the title).  They ended up falling in Game 7, but they took a lot from that series and now are on the other side of the spectrum.  And they know how to win big games.  This is no longer one of the League’s youngest squads.  They have playoff experience now in their 3rd consecutive playoffs and are ready to make some noise. 

Hats off to the Bucks though.  They are making this improbable upset attempt without two of their star players in sharp shooter Michael Redd and the big time post presence of Andrew Bogut.  Can Brandon Jennings and John Salmons finish off the Hawks today?  I would say it is extremely unlikely.  The Hawks are just too talented, deep, and experienced.  Not to mention they will have a very loud home crowd roaring in their favor all afternoon.

So I got the Hawks flying too Orlando to take on the Magic in the Conference Semifinals.  The Magic will be ready, but this will be a highly competitive series as two of the League’s best duel it out.

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“Can You Dig It”

Surprise, surprise..LBJ will be bestowed with his 2nd MVP Award in a few days.  Are you really at all surprised?  The King dominated the League this year and is very deserving.  Not only did he put up the amazing stat line though.  His team put up the League’s best record and is one of the favorites to capture the crown.

So the real question.  Will Shaq be saying, “Can you dig it” in June (Shaq said this following a Laker’s title in LA).  Can Lebron bring the title to Cleveland?  The Cavs are playing outstanding team oriented basketball.  They are dominating their opponents in every facet of the game.  They not only have the best player in the game this year, but they have a very tough supporting cast who are playoff tested. 

I will say this.  The King will have no excuses this year if he comes up empty-handed.  He has the team around him that can beat the Magic this year.  With the big time acquisition of Antawn Jamison and the preseason pick up of Big Shaq Daddy, the Magic’s length (or the Lakers for that matter) should cause no problems.  There are options galore on this Cavs team.  They play good solid team defense and are among the League’s leaders in overall defense.  They do not have trouble scoring.  They rebound well.  They are deep.  And they are led by the King..

So do I think they are going to win the title?  No I do not.  I think the Lakers will end up winning it when all is said and done.  But that is a gut feeling.  There is no real reason why I have the Cavs not winning the championship.  I just think that the survivor of the rugged West will be ready to roll come Finals time.

Will LBJ get his first title as a Knick?

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