“Bon Voyage”

For those of you who have not been able to tell, sports are my passion.  To me sports are life.  And I am not ashamed to admit it.  I truly believe in the theory that sports are a microcosm of society.  Sports are full of politics, gender relations, race relations, stereotypes, successes and failures, family, corruption, and the list could on and on.  People do not realize how similar the sporting stratosphere is to the actual societal stratosphere.  It is truly an amazing concept, but not the reason why I love sports.

Sports is something that I grew up on.  I fell in love with all that is sports long before I understood what a microcosm was or even knew what a theory was.  I grew up playing and watching sports out of the womb.  This in large part is due to my father who is another sports feen.  I mean, I even learned how to add and subtract watching Sportscenter.  How many people can say that?  I could name 10 players on the Reds before I knew the ABCs.  There was just something about sports that caught my eye from Day 1.  Sports truly fascinated me and still do to this day.  And this bird you’ll never change (for my Skynyrd fans out there).  But in all seriousness.  I am glad that I realized my passion at such a young age.  Everyone should have a passion.  Everyone should have something they love.  It is an unquestioned fact that all humans have both physiological and psychological needs.  Just check the famous Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

I hope you all have some sort of passion like I have with sports.  And if your passion is sports, then congratulations on being a member of the club.  So why sports?  Sports have always been there for me.  They have always acted as an escape.  Something that I can always rely on to be there.  When I was feeling down as a kid, I could always go outside and imagine playing ball with Patrick Ewing and the Knicks.  Or imagine hitting a tennis ball with Pete Sampras off of the garage.  Or if the weather was bad I could always flip on ESPN.  I have been blessed to live in a generation that has never had to live without ESPN.  I am part of the instant gratification generation.  Let me give another scenario.  Say I want to go on a date with a girl.  I can always take her to a ball game.  Whether it be basketball, football, baseball, tennis, etc.  This is a choice of mine.  Something that I love to do.  And a final scenario.  Say I am bored and nobody else is around.  I can always flip on a ball game on the tube.  Sports talk and ball games go on 24/7 in today’s society.  Sports have and will always be there for me.  They will never leave me hanging in a time of need.

So many of you are asking, “Kraze, why do you worship these athletes?  They could care less about you.”  I understand that 99.9% of the professional athletes on the globe have no idea I exist.  And you know what..I could care less.  I love these guys and am amazed at their phenomenal abilities.  It always amazes me to think about the hard work, sweat, and tears these guys put in to get to where they are.  If half of America worked as hard as these guys have at a given trade, we might be living in a better place.  They are truly living the American dream.  A good portion of them embody the Rags to Riches story.  Maybe Fitzgerald should have written his award-winning novel “The Great Gatsby” about guys like Allen Iverson.  Guys who came from nothing and then transformed into “The Answer.”  These guys reached out and grabbed the green light.  So that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point.

So I am saddened to announce that the “Sportskraze” will be going on a 5 to 6 week hiatus.  This is highly disheartening for me and I am sure for some of you.  This is something that I look forward to doing every day.  Even though I have an extremely busy schedule, that does not stop me from getting a blog post out nearly ever day.  Writing these posts are typically the happiest part of my day almost no matter what.  Since my roommate convinced me to start one of these in late September/early October, I have put out over 230 posts, and answered over 250 comments.  In addition, there has been over 4,600 views of this page.  You all are helping me realize my dream.  And as many love to say, I am just living the dream.  This is something I love to do and will continue to do when I return from my hiatus.  If you all like what you see, feel free to subscribe for free on the right side of the main page. 

Thank you to all of my loyal followers.  The Sportskraze will return bigger and better than ever..

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.


6 responses to ““Bon Voyage”

  1. Faithful 18th Floor Follower

    Bravo Kraze… You know I will miss the Kraze’s view on the sports world each day

  2. Christopher Columbus


    Enjoy Europe. I hope that you find that the cultures that you are visiting the next few weeks are every bit as interesting as American sports. Sports will go on every day, trips to Europe don’t come often enough. Live it up.

  3. Mr.Columbus,

    I am living it up and trying to discover like you. I will see you on June 21st..


  4. Yo Kraze…where the fuck u been at bitch?

    • Mr. Mugatu,
      I was away on a study abroad trip to Europe for school. Please watch your language on the blog.

      I am now back, bigger and better than ever.


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