“Lackluster Round thus Far”

The Magic rolled.  Then the Lake Show escaped in Utah.  So now we are left with 3 series which are all but over and one that has not been all that exciting.

Give me some excitement..

I am utterly shocked that 3 of the 4 Conference Semifinal series have a higher seed team up 3 to 0.  Plenty of these games have even turned into blowouts.  The inevitable seems to be a Los Suns vs Lakers matchup and a Cavaliers vs Magic matchup.  And this would not be so bad.  But I would still like to see these series actually develop into something.

I will admit I did not expect any of these 3 0 series to be finished in less than 5 games.  I expected them to be exciting and go 6 or 7.  This is not the case.  And do not count on any of them pushing these series to even 6.

The Hawks have been an embarrassment and have thoroughly disappointed in this round.  I know the Magic are good.  But they look super human compared to the Hawks with 2 30 plus point blowouts.  The Jazz have played okay, but have not had enough to finish off the Lakers in any of the 3 contests.  Deron Williams continues to play solid, but Kobe and the Lakers continue to have strong responses.  Kobe turned the last couple of minutes into Kobe time and Derek Fisher made another big time trey down the stretch tonight.  I want to also note that Ron Artest’s shot selection seemed alright to me as he scored 20 and shot over 50 percent from the floor.

I wish these series would get more exciting, and maybe they will, but I highly doubt it at this point.  Strap in for a 1 vs 2 showdown in the East and a Phoenix vs LA showdown in the West.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



2 responses to ““Lackluster Round thus Far”

  1. Lackluster rounds for sure, but I’m glad the Lakers are on a roll and pulled it out. I hope they sweep the Jazz, since I expect Phoenix to win their series soon and a high energy and interesting series may take place against two Southwest cities with great teams and former MVPs and star power.

    Anyway, the Celtics are making it interesting, but I hope the Cavs pull it out even if it takes them 7. Orlando is the awesome wildcard in the East, playing some dominant basketball. Maybe they haven’t face someone their own size yet or power, but if they were to beat Cleveland or Boston the way they are whopping the Hawks, watch out whoever comes out from the West, since these Magic seem better than last year because of Howard’s improvement and Carter, Lewis, and Nelson playing superb in the playoffs.

    In the end though,Kobe and Phil Jackson, has what it takes to defeat anyone in the NBA in a series, even Cleveland despite not beating them in the regular season. With Artest, Odom, Gasol, and a decent bench showing up and Kobe playing at a high level, and Phil’s mind and experience, I want a good Hollywood script and ending to be written by Los Angeles. So let’s see what happens…

    • Shayok,
      It should be a very exciting series between the Lakers and Suns. Would love to see the former MVPs in Nash and Kobe tango. I will agree with you that the Lake Show on their game can beat anyone. And the Magic are playing outstanding basketball.

      Should be very interesting to see what happens down the stretch.


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