“Save the Best for Last?”

And this one belongs to the Reds!  The Reds won again today against the New York Mets to find their way back to the 500 marker, sitting at 14 and 14.  And they won in typical Reds fashion.  Just leave it to the last at bat.  Orlando Cabrera, a man brought to Cincy for his bat, hit a walk off homer to lead off the 10th.

The Reds take wins any way they can get them, just like every team around the MLB.  It is a beautiful struggle.  Normally though, the Reds wait until their last at bat.  9 of the team’s 14 wins have come in the final at bat.  This is just an absurd number.  But hey, I will take it.  A win is a win.  It just baffles my mind that we are consistently winning like this.  Lady luck will run out unfortunately though.

I just want our guys to get out of the box earlier in producing runs.  They just love to wait until the end of the game.  Well as the season continues, we need to score runs throughout the course of the game and learn to play from ahead, rather than having to come back in the end.  Yes, I realize that we were ahead today, and Cordero, who has been lights out, blew a save.  But still.  If a team has secured 9 of its 14 victories in their last at bat, something is up.

So can the Reds keep it up?  Is this team a contender?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.


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