“Go Rondo Go”

Last evening, the Boston Celtics gave the Cavaliers an old-fashioned butt whooping in Cleveland.  And this did not appear to be a fluke.  Had the Celtics have played better (or smarter) in the closing minutes of Game 1, they could have easily headed back to Boston up 2 0.  Now should the Cavs be alarmed?  No they should not.  They had the best record in the League for a reason.

But a very interesting transformation has occurred in Boston.  Welcome to stardom Rajon Rondo.  This guy just keeps getting better and better.  For the past few years, people have talked about the Big 3 in Boston (Garnett, Pierce, and Allen).  Well the best player on this team is none of those three.  The former UK point guard, Rajon Rondo, has truly emerged to the big time.  His play is more important in determining a win or loss for the Celtics than anyone else.  As he goes, the team goes.

Well last night, he only had 13 points, but dished out an astounding 19 assists!  Rondo accounted for more points than both Lebron James and Mo Williams combined.  The man is just electric out there.  If you overlook his inability to hit consistently from the perimeter, Rondo truly has it all.  He has speed, skills, guts, and determination.  Not to mention his basketball IQ has skyrocketed the past couple of years.

I would argue to say, that minus Deron Williams, he is the best all around point guard in the game.  And you want to know the most scary thing about Rondo?  He is only 24!  He may have not even entered his prime yet.  Rondo this year nearly averaged a double/double through the regular season with 14 points a game and a little less than 10 assists.  He really is the catalyst for the Celtics.

Also it is nice to see the point guard taking center stage again.  Because basketball at its most basic level starts with the point guard.  The point guard brings the ball down the floor and distributes.  He is the general that leads the offensive attack.  Well Rondo is doing just that.

So can he lead the Celtics past the Lebron James and the might Cavaliers?  And is he one of the top 2 point guards in the League?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.


4 responses to ““Go Rondo Go”

  1. I know he is a Wildcat, but don’t short my boy. He had 19 assists.

  2. Don’t get me wrong I think Rondo’s a great player, but I still think the best two PGs in the league are CP3 and Deron Williams. You take Paul and Williams and put them on the Celtics they have just as good if not better stats than Rondo.

    As for the Cavs being worried, I think they have every right to be. They’re facing a more experienced, better coached team in the Celtics with their best player (Not to mention the best player in the game today) walking around crying about his elbow. Once again, don’t get me wrong I’m a big Lebron fan, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that guy has a pretty low pain tolerance. Kobe has been playing the past two years with broken fingers, sprained ankles, and bum knees and still is the most clutch player in the league today. Lebron has a sore left elbow and can barely shoot anymore. If he ever wants to be in the discuassion for the best player of all time one day, he better learn to rub some dirt on it and suck it up. In the 1997 NBA Finals MJ played 44 mintues in Game 5 with a 102 degree fever, food poisoning, absolutely no energy at all and still put up 38 points, seven rebounds, five assists, three steals and one block. IMHO, I think it’s we see what Lebron’s really made of.

    • YaBoi,
      You bring up some very valid points. But I will disagree on saying CP3 is better than Rondo. CP3 has been too injury prone to say he is better. Rondo has led this injury riddled and aging Celtic’s team into the thick of things here in the playoffs. I will state that CP3 may be the better player when healthy, but he played in 45 games this year. So on this season, Rondo has been better in my eyes. Now when CP3 gets healthy, he may be even better than Deron Williams.

      In addition, the Cavs may be a little worried, but all they have to do is steal one game in Boston and they are back to having home court. I really do not think they are too worried yet. Now if they lose this next game, their worries may heighten. Also, I wholeheartedly agree about Lebron being a softy about injuries. That is a major difference between him and Kobe, that favors Kobe. Kobe plays through tough injuries and doesn’t complain. Who knows if Lebron even is legitimately injured here. For a guy his size, you would think he would be a lot tougher (but the man still has a whole lot of game).

      Lastly, I remember that Jordan game. It was a legendary performance and a true tribute to why MJ is the greatest of all time in my eyes. A big game performer who never made excuses and had a toughness to him.


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