“Can You Dig It”

Surprise, surprise..LBJ will be bestowed with his 2nd MVP Award in a few days.  Are you really at all surprised?  The King dominated the League this year and is very deserving.  Not only did he put up the amazing stat line though.  His team put up the League’s best record and is one of the favorites to capture the crown.

So the real question.  Will Shaq be saying, “Can you dig it” in June (Shaq said this following a Laker’s title in LA).  Can Lebron bring the title to Cleveland?  The Cavs are playing outstanding team oriented basketball.  They are dominating their opponents in every facet of the game.  They not only have the best player in the game this year, but they have a very tough supporting cast who are playoff tested. 

I will say this.  The King will have no excuses this year if he comes up empty-handed.  He has the team around him that can beat the Magic this year.  With the big time acquisition of Antawn Jamison and the preseason pick up of Big Shaq Daddy, the Magic’s length (or the Lakers for that matter) should cause no problems.  There are options galore on this Cavs team.  They play good solid team defense and are among the League’s leaders in overall defense.  They do not have trouble scoring.  They rebound well.  They are deep.  And they are led by the King..

So do I think they are going to win the title?  No I do not.  I think the Lakers will end up winning it when all is said and done.  But that is a gut feeling.  There is no real reason why I have the Cavs not winning the championship.  I just think that the survivor of the rugged West will be ready to roll come Finals time.

Will LBJ get his first title as a Knick?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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