“NFL Draft Recap”

So the NFL Draft is finally over..or at least I think it is.  The longest and most in-depth draft of them all was expanded to 3 days this year.  And boy did it show.  America really lost interest quick in this year’s edition of the NFL Draft.  By day 3, the viewing crowd had shrunk to almost non existant.

So I am not even go to spend time recapping the biggest winners and losers in this draft.  I am going to talk about the draft process in general and how it is set up.  First of all.  The 3 day setup..give me a break.  Entirely too long and overdrawn.  I understand that it cannot be done in one day.  And that is fine.  But 3 is major overkill.  Secondly, in my opinion, there are far too many rounds which leads to far too many players being drafted.  7 rounds is a ton of rounds.  I realize that NFL rosters are large.  So therefore there will be more rounds in this draft than in other sports.  And that is fine.  But by having so many rounds, the prestige is lost after a few rounds, not to mention most have not heard of the players being drafted after round 3 unless it is players from their favorite colleges being drafted.  I mean honestly, I would love to get the numbers on how many of the players drafted after the 3rd round actually make their respective team’s active rosters as rookies.  The odds are against these guys unfortunately. 

Another subplot that has really caught my eye for months now.  The growing rivalry between Todd McShay and Mel Kiper.  Kiper was king of this business for the better part of the past decade.  But now the new hot-shot Todd McShay has exploded onto the scene.  Who is the best?  Who should America listen too?  This is really up for debate and I would love to hear your thoughts.  In my opinion, I would say that McShay might have done a better job in predicting this year’s draft.  But that is very subjective and hard to say.  ESPN has created a budding rivalry though.  It will be interesting to see over the course of the next few years who takes over as “the” main NFL Draft guru. 

I will state this though.  Jon Gruden’s QB Camp that aired on Sportscenter was awesome.  This guy is extremely entertaining and knowledgable.  Really gave America a taste of how intense these NFL coaches are and how the process of evaluating prospective players works a little bit.  I thoroughly enjoyed this and hope that ESPN continues doing this in the future with even more players from all of the positions.

Lastly, the QB situation of this draft was a mess.  I mean how is Tim Tebow going to get drafted ahead of Clausen and McCoy?  Like seriously?  I will never question Tebow’s work ethic.  But heart and work ethic is not everything.  Tebow is not pro ready yet.  He is years away.  I also thought it was highly unfair how much attention ESPN gave Tebow following the first round.  The man was the 25th pick of 32.  He got more attention on the internet and on the TV shows than any other player drafted on Day 1.  It made no sense.   I am going to go out on a limb and say that I think Clausen is the most pro ready QB in this draft.  Will he get a shot during year 1 with the Panthers?  We will see.  Bradford is still a big question mark compared to Clausen in my eyes due to the injury.  I still believe that Bradford is a major talent though.  Overall, not the best crop of QBs coming out this year but who knows.  Very hard to predict a QBs success in the NFL until they actually get out there.

So the Draft is finally over.  I will provide more insight on the biggest winners and losers if you all ask for it.  Let me know what you think about the draft’s current format.  Also, McShay or Kiper?  Who is the best? 

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



4 responses to ““NFL Draft Recap”

  1. Gooch from The Bronx

    The draft is now made for tv and that is why it takes so long. Could be completed in a day for sure. Teams have been preparing for months.
    Kiper or McShay. Who cares what these guys think? Their predictions do not mean anything anyway.
    Tebow gets the publicity because he is one of the most successful college players ever. All the talk about his mechanics, etc, continues to make him big news. He does not get the respect he deserves after all he accomplished.

    • Gooch,
      It is made for tv and all about the money. That is shocking. The Kiper vs McShay thing is intriguing in that they are not creating rivalries between their analysts. I mean I guess many do not care but I at least find it entertaining.

      Tebow, may have been a great winner in college. And you really do not think he gets the respect he deserves after all he accomplished? ESPN has given him more attention than any other player in the draft even though he was a late first rounder? I am just saying.


  2. I’m going to have to disagree with being the longest and most in depth draft. The MLB draft in 06 lasted 50 rounds. I also disagree with players in later rounds not making rosters. Look at a list of undrafted guys to make somewhat big contributions in the NFL: Miles Austin, Tony Romo, Super bowl hero James Harrison, Wes Welker, Bart Scott, Priest Holmes, Antonio Gates, Jake Delhomme (and there are more). After the last big name is gone (this year McCoy) the draft is over for the fans, but not for the teams that have a vested interest in acquiring less heralded talent. Of course the prestige is gone after round 1, but that does not mean the draft should just end at that point. The draft length is fine, if you have a problem with it find something else to watch on TV.

    As for Kiper and McShay, they are talking heads, just like bracket boy Joe Lunardi. Used for the sole purpose of getting people talking about the draft and aware that it will be on ESPN.

    And as for me, Tim Tebow… whatever happens in my career, I made it into the NFL and will do my best in Denver. The critics can say whatever they want, at the end of the day the critics won’t be there on the field.

    • Tim Tebow,
      I see your point about the NFL Draft. But at the same time. You are talking about a completely different monster. In the MLB, you are drafting to your Minor League teams. You are not drafting to the big team. Mike Leake became the 21st player to entirely skip the Minors when he made is debut in the bigs. It is very contrasting and not something that is televised or as closely watched.

      Secondly, your point about most of these players making the teams. Those are not very frequent cases. Yes they are feel good stories, so they are heard about when they happen. It is a big deal when it happens. But typically these guys drafted in the later rounds, turn into the guys that are being free agent pick ups for these teams. But I do like your point about the prestige being lost.

      Then finally onto Tebow. You are right he has made the NFL. His dream has always been to become an QB in the NFL. So his dream is secured. But I do not think he is nearly as pro ready as Clausen, McCoy, or even Pike for that matter. Tim is a very hard worker though and could turn into a solid pro over time.

      Always a pleasure to hear from you Tim.


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