“Is This Forreal?”

The NFL Draft is set to start in less than half an hour.  This year it is going to be conducted over the course of 3 days.  So I am not going to bother even talking about it yet.  I will discuss it in an upcoming post, but not today.  The big news of the day..

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has expanded from 65 to 68 teams.  This is the first expansion since the move from 64 to 65 teams in 2001.  Is this is a good thing?  Is it permanent?  No way!

This is by no means a good idea.  The NCAA tournament was so successful this year and really was one of the most memorable of all time.  People have grown to love March Madness, and some even declare it “the most wonderful time of the year.”  Well now they are altering something that is great.  Why would you do that?  I will tell you why..


Everything is about money these days.  Nothing can just be done to improve something.  It is always about the money.  Money is what makes the world go round.  And you want to know the sad part.  In my eyes this is all just a decoy for the real expansion to come.  The NCAA is going to take incremental steps towards the 96 team field that they ultimately want to have.

By adding a couple of a teams each year or every few years, they think people will begin to accept the idea.  Well you know what, I won’t!  This is ludicrous.  NCAA March Madness is the best sporting spectacle we have.  It is a nearly perfect forum for men’s basketball.  Why would you change something that is so good?

The claim by the people putting this process into motion is that by expanding by 3 teams, they are getting the revenues that they hoped for.  It is all a sham in my opinion.  They are waiting for the big .  I would be very surprised if within the next 5 to 10 years, we do not have a 96 team NCAA field.

Let me hear your thoughts?  Is this 68 team field here to stay for a while?  Or are we on the way to 96?  And do you think the expansion is a good idea?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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