“Go to the Principal’s Office!”

Sports fans.  I am going to keep it short and sweet today and let you talk to me.  I do not normally agree with or even dare to watch the show “SportsNation,” but today I feel like they are asking a very viable question on the ESPN website.  It is actually a question that will really make you think and something that should become a hot topic of debate.

  The question reads as follows, “Which League has the biggest problem with player conduct?”  Your answer options are the MLB, NBA, NFL, and the NHL.

Now many would look at this question and go, well it has to be the NFL or NBA.  And I would say hold your horses on that assumption.  How about drugs and steroids in the MLB?  That has to be considered a part of player conduct.  Maybe less of them are harassing women, but this is still a major conduct issue. 

Now some would look at these 4 Leagues, and right away would say the NFL.  A simple reason why the NFL would be the initial choice.  They have far more players than any of the other sports.  Their rosters are 4 times the size of the NBA rosters.  So player conduct is going to be an issue when you have more people who can become prime suspects.  With more people always comes more problems no matter how you look at it.

I do think it would be safe to say that the NHL may have the least issues out of any of these Leagues.  Or maybe this is because the NHL receives the least press and attention? So you just do not hear about as many of their issues?  Also do not forget that NHL games have brawls and fights nearly every night of the week. .  Though this is part of the game, it is still a conduct issue and a good way to lose teeth.  They even have a built in penalty box that players sit in multiple times every game

 This seriously is a very interesting question and one that could be up for major debate.  There is so much more that goes into this question than what meets the eye initially.  I mean are we talking about strictly off field conduct?  On the field conduct?  A mix of both?  Which weighs more heavily?

So I want to hear from you.  Which League do you think has the most player conduct issues and why?  Also do not forget to go to


and vote..

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



2 responses to ““Go to the Principal’s Office!”

  1. The fairest way to decide this question is to look at the percentage of players in each league that have gotten into some sort of trouble. The league with the highest percentage is the league with the most problems. However, you also have to look at how severe the crimes are and who decides what crime is worse than another? Really hard to tell.

  2. Gooch,
    That is an interesting point. But it is very hard to tell. It is not as simple of a question as many would think.

    But it is definitely a problem across all the pro leagues.


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