“Old School Playoff Basketball”

I know that there has only been one day of NBA Playoff Basketball thus far.  But after watching the extremely boring Cavs game I was worried.  The Bulls looked horrendous other than Derrick Rose and are vastly overmatched by a strong Cavaliers team.  But the game that brought back the excitement…  Of course came from the East’s 4 vs 5 matchup.

The Celtics vs Heat game saw the Boston boys come back from a 14 point deficit to secure the home victory.  But this game had intensity.  It had hard defense, with neither team scoring 90.  There was a superstar playing outstanding in Dwayne Wade.  And finally, there was physicality.  There were tempers flaring.  This is something that the playoffs have been missing.

With 40 seconds left in this game, multiple Celtics and Heat players were involved in a tussle.  Though this tussle had no effect on the final outcome due to a couple of last ditched attempts from the Heat rimming out, it set the TONE.  I mean I will admit that the other 3 games on the day were not all that exciting.  But this 4 vs 5 series. This one will be entertaining.  KG’s elbow to Quentin Richardson ignited the fire.  Strap in for this series, because it is going to be a physical war from here on out.

I still have the Celtics winning in 7 as I predicted a couple of days ago.  But these games will have some hard fouls and tempers flaring.  And let’s be honest, we all love to see that.  You get to truly witness the passion of these amazing athletes which is what people yearn to see. 

Finally, does KG garner a suspension for the 2nd elbow he threw?  Or was he just trying to free up his arm?  Take a look at the replay of the brawl.


Also a shout out to Rafael Nadal in winning his 6th straight Monte Carlo title.  This is a very impressive feat.  Lastly, I wanted to give Ubaldo Jimenez some props on throwing the first no-hitter in Rockie’s history.  I was unable to watch the actual game but a very impressive feat by the stud.  It should be noted that the last pitch he threw last evening (#128) was 97 mph.  Talk about amazing endurance.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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