“Ironman Returns?”

Baseball’s Ironman is looking to return to his old franchise.  There are rumors swirling that the man who once played in a MLB record 2,632 consecutive games for the Baltimore Orioles may return to the organization in the form of management or some sort of coach for the big team.  The Orioles currently sit at 1 and 10.  Return of Baltimore’s Ironman may be exactly what they need.

Rumors have swirled that team Owner Peter Angelos has turned down Ripken’s pleas to return to the team.  Ripken has been a part owner of the Oriole’s single A affiliate, the Aberdeen IronBirds for a few years now.  Angelos vehemently denies any of these accusations and says that rejecting Cal to come back and help the Orioles would be impossible.  It better be.  Cal Ripken Jr. is Ironman, Superman, and Batman all in one to Baltimore. 

The people of Baltimore love this guy with all their hearts.  He will always be a legend and a Herculean figure to the people of Baltimore.  Regardless if he is aging and looks like a normal 50-year-old man these days.  These days Ripken Junior sports a nearly completely bald head with some shade of gray.  Cal transformed the position of shortstop into the power hitters that we see in today’s game at the position and also holds arguably baseball’s most sacred record (consecutive games played).

Am I a little surprised that the Orioles have not already hired Cal onto their staff yet?  You better believe it.  Possibly some of these accusations about Angelos may have a semblance of truth.  Believe me, if the Cardinals can hire the juiced one, Mark McGwire to their staff, you would think that the Orioles would have already had Ripken working for them for 5 years by now.

Either way Baltimore needs to do something.  They are turning into the laughingstock of the League fast with an atrocious 1 and 10 record.  And believe me, nothing comes easy in the treacherous AL East. 

So do you think Angelos has been giving Ripken the short end of the stick?  If Ripken does work for the Orioles, what position would you like to see him take on?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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