“Are the J-E-T-S the Frontrunner?”

Today I am going to talk NFL football.  And no I am not going to talk about the ridiculous Ben Roethlisberger saga.  That is old news and not worth my time to discuss anymore.  But how about those Jets?  Slowly, but surely, they have become a powerhouse.  I mean, they may even be the favorite to come out of the AFC over the traditional powerhouse Patriots and Chargers, or the defending AFC Champion Colts.  This team is the real deal.  Not to mention they will be appearing on the HBO hit series Hard Knocks.

Last year I was dumbfounded by the Jets playoff run.  I honestly thought after they thrashed the Bengals in the final game of the regular season that the Bengals would return the favor and take care of business in the first round of the playoffs the following week.  I was wrong.  Then the Jets had to travel to San Diego to take on a very deep and talented Chargers team.  There was surely no way they could come out of San Diego the victors.  I was wrong again.  Finally, they played with the Colts and gave them a run into the second half only to fall short due to a phenomenal performance by Peyton Manning and not quite enough offensive fire power.

Well now this team has an offense to go along with a fantastic defense.  But lets start by talking about the bread and butter of the Jets. Let’s talk defense. These guys were ranked first in the League for a reason last year and carried a team to within one game of the Super Bowl with a rookie quarterback.  It all starts with the lock down corner Darrelle Revis.  This guy has created a new island called Revis Island.  And you will not quite understand the extent of how good this guy is until you watch him play your team and shut down your top receiver.  I had to see him make Chad OchoCinco look like a rookie for two consecutive weeks to fully understand.  Not to mention the Jets just added Antonio Cromartie from the Chargers.  This guy is one of the top corners in the League as well.  So now the Jets have the best combo of cornerbacks in the League by far.  So the defense has improved.

Now lets take a look at the offense.  The Jets picked up the Steelers top receiver Santonio Holmes.  And though Santonio has had some off field problems and will have to sit the first four games next year, this guy will be an instant impact player.  Put him with the likes of Braylon Edwards, and Jerricho Cotchery, you now have a set of big, physical receivers, who can go out and make plays.  Mark Sanchez continued to improve as the year went on and showed great poise and confidence in the postseason.  He will only get better.  Then finally they added future Hall-of- Famer, Ladainian Tomlinson to the backfield.  LT may not be able to perform the way he once could, but he will be able to mentor Shonn Greene and also provide some production and leadership in the locker room.

Finally, Rex Ryan, may have a big mouth, but he is a great coach who has backed up the talk.  Or at least he did last year.  It will be very interesting to see Rex Ryan behind the scenes a little bit on HBO this summer.

All I have to say is watch Hard Knocks this summer.  You will be watching a preview of the AFC favorite.  These guys will be tough to beat come next year.  Definitely a favorite to make it to the Super Bowl.  Could Darrelle Revis turn the Super Bowl into Revis Island next year?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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