“He is at it Again”

One of the NBA’s most popular owners is at it again.  Yup, you guessed it, the most entertaining owner of them all, Mr. Mark Cuban is running his mouth again. He is supremely confident in his team and thinks the West is up for grabs.  The man loves to talk.  And you know what, can you really blame the guy?  He has a passion for his team and the sport that is unmatched by any other of the current owner’s in the League.  Also he is different from the majority of the other owners in that he never played in college or professionally. He is just another guy like me or you who loves the game (and who happens to have a lot of money enabling him to buy a professionally team).  Not to mention he is constantly visible in his seats at every game and not up in an owner’s box.

Well Cuban constantly gets the shaft from the media and has been given a bad rep over the years.  Maybe this reputation is garnered, but in my eyes, it is undeserving.  So the guy complains about the referees when he feels the officiating was not up to par.  Cuban is not scared to speak his mind.  Has George Steinbrenner ever been afraid to speak his mind?  What do the results of his teams look like?  When Cuban speaks his mind, the money goes to charity anyways. 

Also, people do not realize, but I am sure a player like Dirk Nowitzki could attest to this, having an owner who cares as much as Cuban really motivates you to perform for him night in and night out.  Now obviously the coaches are the main motivators for most of the players around the League, but leadership for these teams starts at the top.  If players have an owner that has the same love for the game that they do and the desire to win every night, it trickles down to the performance of the players.  So some of the owners that appear to have great “passion” and are unafraid to speak their mind do not always come off in the best respect to the public.  But most of these types of owners are heading up winning franchises and that is all they care about in the end anyways.

Some of the statements that he made on the radio today were a bit over the top.  To the extent that he said his team is shutting down the stars like Kobe, Carmelo, and Brandon Roy.  But he is saying these things to show his team that he has the utmost confidence in them.  He respects their abilities and has them on his team because he expects results.  Cuban expects a championship.  Could this be the year he gets one?

It will be no easy task to take down teams like the Lakers, Nuggets, or Jazz even if the majority are struggling right now.  But Cuban does have a right to be confident.  He has a strong team of seasoned vets.  They have been to the playoffs every year for a long time now and are used to playoff basketball.  Not to mention picking up Caron Butler was an outstanding midseason move regardless of the health struggles he has been dealing with of late.

So my question for you is does Cuban make a point?  Do the Mavericks have a legitimate shot to take home a title?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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