Are there Unlimited Spots in the Draft?

Last time I checked, the NBA Draft was just a two-round event.  I did not realize that an infinite number of players would get picked up by these teams.  It seems that every underclassmen in America is being told to make the jump from the collegiate level early head to the pros.

Guys like John Wall, Evan Turner, and Demarcus Cousins are all leaving early.  This was expected and is perfectly fine.  They exhibited the maturity level and the ability to make the leap.  But today guys such as Lance Stephenson, Chris Wright, and Xavier Henry have declared.  Not to mention it appears that Daniel Orton of UK will be departing early as well.  What is the deal?!

These guys are all fine players with loads of potential.  They are all sure-fire future NBA players with a plethora of talent.  But you have to hone and refine your skills in college before you make the leap.  The NBA is not there to baby you. In actuality, it does anything but baby you.  It is a big time transition not only as a player, but to the pro lifestyle.  Yes, your game will improve while you are in the League.  But you are supposed to make the leap to the pros when you are ready.  I know that Lance Stephenson is known for being “Born Ready,” and I have a biased opinion in that I would love to see him stay and help out the Bearcats next year, but is he really ready to make the leap?

Is Daniel Orton ready to make the jump?  I know how loaded Kentucky was this year, but the guy did not even start.  He has no experience as a starter at the College level.  Yet he is ready for the pros?

Lastly, Xavier Henry.  He had a great year, but is he a lottery pick?  Not that I foresee.

I am keeping this short.  But please enlighten me on why it seems like every talented underclassmen is making the leap whether they look to be  first rounders or not?  Who is influencing these guys?

I will state that I wish them all the best of luck and am not questioning the level of potential that they all have.  They all could become stars in the League one day. But are they really NBA ready yet?

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9 responses to “Are there Unlimited Spots in the Draft?

  1. My guess is just as good as yours as to why these underclassmen are coming out so early. I think the opportunity to sign a NBA contract blinds them just a bit. These players are told all their lives that they are great, from AAU to high school to college. So of course there is no doubt in their mind that they can make that jump to the league. I do know one thing, if they don’t grow up quick, their NBA career will be very short lived….if they’re fortunate enough to get drafted. Good post!!!


    • Jay,
      Very true. People do not realize all the people that are whispering in these guys ears their entire lives how great they are. And people do this for a reason because these players are extremely talented.

      It is a shame though and I hope that these guys do not get to the League and have a very short lived career. I hate to see that happen. I wish them all the best of luck.


  2. Had to sign in and comment on this one. Daniel Orton is the one that really bothers me. He has the maturity of a high school kid and just is not a play maker. This is getting a little outrageous. I would love to see a year when all of the top players going to the draft are seniors but we all know that will never happen. I would love to see Jordan Crawford stay with the Musketeers especially after the March he put together but to be honest I’ve never seen that kid in an academic building at Xavier, ever.

    I also greatly dislike the NBA so when a player I enjoy watching enters the draft it is a little sad because I know I will probably never watch them again unless they make the Top Ten Plays on Sportscenter. Curious to see the caliber of the frosh class Calipari puts together this year.

    • Rinck,
      You are right Rinck in that a guy like Orton needs to really develop his game and at least get a year as a college starter under his belt before he makes the leap. It is a shame to see these guys go.

      Calipari will scrape together a fantastic class guaranteed. The man has an amazing way of pulling in the very best talent. Who knows if his tactics are actually legal.


      • Not to bash the great one Calipari, but based upon what has happened with him at previous institutions I think it is safe to say his recruiting tactics are not legal.

  3. I have no idea why the list is as long as it is, but I think one of the important facts you forgot to mention is the 2011 potential lockout season. If players think they might get drafted, they are probably getting advice to move up now so they can get a contract signed with an NBA team. If the NBA does have a lockout similar to the NFL then they will be faced with nothing in a year. It intrigues me that as often as people mention the potential NFL lockout few bring up the NBA’s. This would destroy everything the NBA has achieved since 1999. It is also at a horrible time because if the 2011 NFL season doesn’t happen people will turn to the NBA to take over the throne of most watched professional sport.

    • Joe,
      This is a very intriguing point. And you are right, the NFL Lockout is getting all the attention while people are forgetting about the possibility of a lockout in the NBA.

      But still, if you aren’t ready, you do not go. It is as simple as that. There are only 2 rounds. If you get drafted in the 2nd round, nothing is guaranteed. Somebody is talking to all these kids and filling them with nonsense.

      I do notice that a good few of the younger guys have not hired agents yet. If I were them, I would make sure that I do not and just come back to school if I were not drafted.


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