“Eagles Fly Away”

So in NFL news, Donovan McNabb is now officially a Washington Redskin.  His days as the savior of the Eagle’s proud franchise are over.  What a tumultuos offseason it has been for the city of Brotherly Love.

First they let Brian Westbrook go.  Westbrook was the heart of their backfield for the better part of the past decade regardless of injuries.  Now they are letting their leader and holder of every franchise quarterback record go for nearly nothing?  What are the Eagles thinking?

They are really rolling the die on whether former backup Kevin Kolb can live up to the high expectations that the Eagles are placing on him.  Philadelphia is no easy town to please.  Next to New York, it may be the hardest city to thrive in as a professional athlete.  The media and fans are ruthless.  They demand a winner and always have high expectations.

Kolb was selected by the Eagles in the 2nd round of 2007 and expected to take over for Donovan upon his retirement.  Kolb’s career numbers are a meager 885 passing yards with a modest quarterback rating of 68.9.  Well  now he is expected to put up the big numbers and get the ball to stud receiver DeSean Jackson.  Kolb will not have a year to screw around.  The Philadelphia fan base expects to make the playoffs every year.  Kevin will have to be ready to lead this team to victories from day one or Philadelphia will swallow him alive.

The other element that is really confusing me about this trade that appears to be a horrific deal for the Eagles.  Why trade him to the divisional rival Redskins who are in desperate need of a quarterback?  Now you have to face this stud who put your franchise on his back for the past 11 years twice a year.  All in all this seems like a terrible deal for the Eagles.

But who knows if it actually is.  Maybe Kevin Kolb will be a prime time Pro Bowl quarterback and McNabb will never perform at a high level again.  Both of these thoughts seem far-fetched in my eyes but who knows.  Only time will tell.

Is Kevin Kolb ready to take center in the city of Brotherly Love?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.


5 responses to ““Eagles Fly Away”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more on the Eagles decision. It seems to be the last of many times the franchise and city underappreciate McNabb. The pairing of Reid and McNabb hasn’t gotten the same respect as some of the other quarterback and coach combinations because well they don’t have any rings to show for it. It may be justified, but the two have been competing for the Super Bowl for an entire decade with 5 NFC Championship games and 1 Super Bowl appearance to show for it. It will be difficult to match that production. If there was any team that could replace a franchise quarterback right away it would be the Eagles. I just hope Philly is prepared to deal with some growing pains while Kolb learns how to run a team. History says they won’t be, and waiting in the wings is a very eager back-up.

    • Joe,
      As usual you bring up some very valid points. It is a shame the way that Philly has not shown McNabb nor Reid love all these years. They desire championships and are not satisfied with playing deep into the playoffs.

      Kolb could turn into a solid quarterback in time. But he has some very high expectations being placed on him and it may be a rocky road at first. The NFL is a brutal league in which the quarterback position takes time to learn to excel at.


  2. The Eagles are my favorite team in the NFL(other than the Colts). This trade upsets me!! The NFC East is the toughest conference in the league and to trade an All-Pro QB to your in conference rival is ridiculous and plain stupid. Now they are stuck with an unproven a QB. Another thing to think about is that they lose a mobile QB. When the pocket breaks down, McNabb could use his mobility to make things happen…can’t say the same about Kolb. I’m anxious to see how this season will play itself out. I was okay with letting the injury prone Westbrook go, but this hurts as a fan!


    • Jay,
      Your points are all very valid. The NFC East is always one of the toughest divisions in the League. They have outstanding rivals that make every divisional game a slug fest. I think people who are not fans of the NFC East teams do not realize how intense these rivalries are.

      Also you are right about Kolb lacking the mobility of a McNabb. Quarterbacks like McNabb and Ben Roethlisberger have the uncanny ability to get out of the pocket and make plays. It adds another dimension to any team’s offense. I wish Kolb the best of luck but it will be very hard to live up to the expectations of the Philly fans.


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