“King James”

Lebron James is once again disappointing the public and a large portion of his immensely large fan base.  As many of you should remember, in February, he bailed last-minute on participating in the Dunk Contest.  This resulted in probably the most uneventful dunk competition I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.  A major letdown.  Well LBJ is at it again.  He is bailing on representing the United States in the World Games this summer..

Are you really surprised? I mean this is the summer where Lebron is a free agent.  This is the summer where he is going to really rake in bigger bucks than you or I could ever fathom to be possible.  Also he will be busy shooting.  And not shooting basketball shots, but shooting a movie.  Lebron is loving the life of glamour and bliss and already wants to have a movie. He is truly living the life of a “King.”  And I guess I cannot blame the guy for this in that I have never experienced the lifestyle he is embarking on.  But he could not wait until after his playing days to do this?  I guess you got to strike while the iron is hot.

What is going on here is the exact reason why I still think Kobe Bryant is the best player in the world.  And maybe there is no real correlation here, but it set this thought off in my mind.  Lebron may have the better numbers, and may make the highlight reel plays nearly every time down the court, but he seems to lack that hunger that Kobe has come playoff time.  He is all about becoming a world icon.  Lebron wants to be the most well-known athlete on the planet.  He cares about winning, but not in the same way that Mr. Bryant does.  Kobe demonstrates a greater will to win.  Well hate to break it to you King.  You are hurting this goal of being the world’s most famous athlete by skipping out on the tournament to act in a movie.  Kobe will be doing work in front of a world audience while you are eating popcorn at the movies.

Now Lebron is having an amazing year.  The man is doing it all in every which way.  His game is nearly flawless and he is putting together an amazing effort both offensively and defensively.  The man makes a Sportscenter top 10 play every night of the week.  His team has the best record in the game by far.  They appear to be a heavy favorite to represent the East in the NBA Finals.  All seems to be good for the King in Cleveland.

I just am completely baffled on why he would skip out on the World Games because he will be “too busy” this summer.  There are even rumors that Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh will be unable to participate as well in that they will be “too busy” with free agency.  I know Lebron is still in his mid 20s and is entitled to have a little fun.  If he calls making a movie fun.  But he seemed to take so much joy in helping lead the US to a gold medal in the Olympics and now he is able to just bail on his teammates for the World Championships? 

Where is the patriotism?  Basketball is supposed to be a way for the Americans to exhibit dominance on the global stage.  It is a game that we are supposed to be superior to all comers in.  I guess the real question is, why does free agency take up “so much” time.  I understand that it is an important time.  But the process should not make it so a guy cannot represent his country playing in the World Championships.  It just is not right and maybe it is not Lebron’s fault.

So the real question is, do you think this is a poor decision by the King?  Or is this really out of his hands?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



2 responses to ““King James”

  1. Relax Josh. The man is making money. It has nothing to do with patriotism or bailing on his team mates. Maybe he is just tired and would like a break from basketball? Maybe he wants to try other things? My guess is it probably comes down to dollars and cents.

  2. Gooch,
    You are right. But when is it enough money? Also it is the League’s fault that these guys have to spend so much time worrying about free agency. Is it right that the world games could be missing LBJ, D Wade, and Bosh? That is 3 of the top 10 players in the world right there.

    When is it enough money?


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