“Rising Stars at McDonald’s”

Jared Sullinger during a 2010 Columbus Northland Vikings basketball game.

Tonight is the biggest night of the year for high school hoop’s stars.  It is a chance for the nation’s top players to go at it head to head on national television in front of a big time crowd.  You better believe that college coaches from all over the country will be in attendance or watching tonight hoping to lure some of the unsigned studs out of this 2010 class.

Some of the storylines for the evening.  Well first of all, the East has two players that will be playing in their future home in Buckeye nation tonight in Jared Sullinger and Deshaun Thomas.  These are two of the top players in the country at their respective positions and Sullinger is really expected to dominate this evening’s affair and lead the East to a victory.  Thad Matta will be licking his chops after this one and many Buckeye fans will get over the sting of losing to Tennessee last weekend knowing what is coming next season.  As I have said many times before, Buckeye fans should be booking their tickets to the 2011 Final Four already.

The guard matchup tonight should be very entertaining.  On the East side you have Kyrie Irving who is heading to Duke alongside arguably the most athletic player in the class Josh Selby.  They will be going up against two phenomenal defenders in Brandon Knight and Cory Joseph.  The most eye-popping stat about these 4 top flight guards,  3 of them are uncommitted for college!  You better believe coaches will be watching these matchups closely.

Another intriguing matchup will be on the wings tonight as two future Tar Heels will be locking horns in Harrison Barnes and Reggie Bullock.  This is the start to a fight for playing time in Chapel Hill.  The East squad seems to possess the greater athleticism while the West seems to have the better shooters as a whole.  Knowing this, I will be going with the East to win this edition of the McDonald’s All American Game.  Shooters generally get nervous in atmospheres like this and the team that can get to the rim and get the easier shots will win.  Not only does the East have more athleticism to get to the rim, they have the best post player in the country in Jared Sullinger playing in his hometown looking to wow the Buckeye nation before he even officially steps foot on the campus.

Really pay attention to this game.  As you all saw this year, Freshman really do make a huge difference at the next level.  For instance John Wall and Demarcus Cousins came into Lexington and led Kentucky to 35 victories this year.  They were both first team All Americans.  Ever since the rule of players needing to spend a year out of high school before entering the draft was instilled, the college game has become much younger and talent heavy.  It stinks that we only get to see the players for one year at the college level, but the entertainment value of this season would have went way down without guys like John Wall and Xavier Henry.

Any thoughts on where Cory Joseph, Brandon Knight, and Josh Selby will end up?  Who wins tonight?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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