“A Misstep by UTEP?”

Even though the NCAA tournament is not over yet, coaches are jumping ship all over the place.  It is kind of reminiscent of the way coaches move around following the last regular season game in College Football.  I mean, I guess this a little different in that none of the coaches moving around are still getting ready to coach their team in the biggest ball game of the year.  Many college football coaches leave their teams to fend for themselves in big time BCS Bowl Games.

One of the transactions today that caught my eye was UTEP’s hiring of former USC Head Coach Tim Floyd.  UTEP is coming off a fantastic season in which it went 26 and 7 and received an at large build to March Madness.  It was not their fault that their former coach, Tony Barbee jumped ship for Auburn.  A scum bag move in my eyes, but it is a business after all.  That is a topic for another day.

But let’s talk about the Miner’s new coach.  Good old Tim Floyd.  Now I am not questioning the hire on Floyd’s credentials.  The man has a plethora of experience ranging from both college head coaching jobs to even being the coach of the Chicago Bulls.  But the man scampered away from the mess that he helped create at USC with the whole OJ Mayo incident.  He claims that he left because he no longer wanted to work at USC but we all know that this is baloney  The man ran away from his problems (kind of similar to Pete Carroll in a way).

He is a proven winner as a college head coach though and has been around the block in all different types of situations.  But his last stop was a blunder for the off the court issues.  Hopefully he has gotten the unethical recruiting tactics out of his system and is ready to just recruit and coach (fairly).

I am pulling for the guy to do well. I just think it is a shame that UTEP had to shop for a new coach in the first place.  Any thoughts on this hire?  Will coaches ever stop abandoning programs that they build up for programs that are struggling in the so-called “power” conferences?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



2 responses to ““A Misstep by UTEP?”

  1. Coaches in college and pro sports always seem to get recycled whether they have done a good job previously or not. It also does not seem to matter whether they have been caught doing something dishonest or against the rules in their previous position. It is all about the here and now. Nothing else seems to matter.

  2. Gooch,
    Very good point. The day just doesn’t seem to stop with Steve Lavin heading to St. Johns as well. It is an amazing cycle that really seems to lack integrity at times.

    I do think Steve Lavin was a very good hire for St. Johns though.


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