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“Meyer Attack”

Urban Meyer is back at it again folks.  His resignation, followed by his “indefinite” leave, lasted all but a week.  Meyer is back on the practice field and for once not giving it to opposing teams.  Now he is letting local Florida reporters have it.  Meyer went up to a Orlando Sentinel reporter and let him have it much in the same way the Gators have doled it out to most opponents during Meyer’s reign.  He even had the audacity as he was walking away to wag his finger at this reporter in front of his own daughter.  Talk about the true family man.  Talk about a heck of a guy.

Sike!  Urban Meyer once again is blowing something new out of proportion.  This guy can really be a head case.  He may be a fantastic football coach, but he can also act like a lunatic.  It will be very interesting to see how he does without his adopted son Tim Tebow this year.  Do I think the Gators will still be tough?  You better believe it.  Will they be the favorite to bring home the National Championship.  Highly unlikely! 

This man is just an enigma to me.  Here are the cliff notes on the Urban Meyer saga.  He does wonderful things at Utah and takes them to a BCS bowl game.  He then jumps ship for “bigger” and “better” things at Florida and “saves” a falling Gator program.  Along the way he picks up a Herculean fellow by the name of Tim Tebow.  And all the sudden the Gators are back in the BCS picture.  3 BCS bowls along with 2 National Titles.  Not a bad resume. 

Just before his 3rd BCS Bowl with the Gators, he resigns out of nowhere.  This was the resignation that shook the College Football stratosphere.  Health issues are obviously a big deal and  I am all for coaches taking a break if their health becomes an issue.  Urban though, it seems, did not even give time for his body to recover from the health issue he was suffering from. Within a day, the resignation becomes an “indefinite” leave.  Which really turns into a week-long vacation.  The guy makes no sense.  Remember, this is also the man who had to jabber back at the world’s luckiest man, Lane Kiffin, this Fall after the Gators defeated the Volunteers.  He was unable to ignore Sir Big Mouth, Lane Kiffin.

If you ask me Urban is a great football coach with some serious issues.  Not only does he have the fault of constantly throwing temper tantrums.  He also is a poor sport.  If you have ever seen the Mighty Ducks.  Urban Meyer reminds me of Coach Riley of the Hawks.  The guy that instills the motto in his kids and players, “it’s not worth winning if you can’t win big.”  Maybe Meyer is a huge fan of this movie or something and decided to live his life by this motto.

This incident with the Orlando Sentinel reporter is just one of more to come.  Urban Meyer can really go nuts and needs to take a “chill” pill.  Do not be surprised if he goes bonkers following a tough loss this year.

Maybe we should start referring to Urban Meyer as Urban “Bonkers” Meyer.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.