“Keep It in Your Pants”

As is a recurring theme with athletes today, they are struggling to keep it in their pants.  Or at least they are getting caught for this struggle more frequently it seems.  Many in the past few years have been caught committing adulterous acts or sleeping with numerous women under the public eye.  Why is this?  Well obviously the temptation must be boiling hot and these athletes at times feel they are above the law.  As Tiger said, he felt “entitled.”  Does it make it right?  No way Jose!  But do I see how it could happen?  You better believe it.

In the latest story of a pro athlete struggling to keep it in his pants, the commissioner of the League says he is going to meet with Steeler quarterback Ben Roethlisberger “when the time is right.”  Is this a Cialis or Viagra commercial?  What is Goodell going to say to the big guy?  Please do not sleep with so many women Ben?  Is Goodell Ben’s father?  Ben is not stealing or doing drugs.  He is sleeping with women, and lots of them.  Now is it a possibility that Ben assaulted this woman and the one in Tahoe?  Yes it is a possibility, but my money is that he did not or at least will not get convicted for assault or rape.

This whole story is just another in a slew of tales that consists of athletes messing with girls and the girls crying wolf.  I hate to say it, but ladies, if you see a pro athlete, you may be star struck.  But you know that he is probably hanging with women in nearly every city he stops in and is used to girls being all over him.  If you throw yourself at him.  Do not be looking for dollar bills.  If he does something to actually harm you, then that is a completely different story.

So my question for you all today.  And this is not a joking manner.  What percentage of pro athletes that have wives are cheating on them?

Best of luck to Goodell having the “big boy” talk with Big Ben and telling him to keep it in his pants.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.


2 responses to ““Keep It in Your Pants”

  1. I would say that 95% are having sex with people that are not their wives.

    As a side note, sex with women is probably ok with Commissioner Goodell, sexual assault on the other hand…

    • Matthew,
      I hope you are off in that percentage. 95% would be outrageous and really make me question the morals of almost all of the professional athletes. You are right though in Goodell’s case. Sex is fine but assault is another entity.


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