“March Madness Enigma”

So before I even touch on my thoughts on the wild first weekend of the NCAA tournament, let me first say, what a horrible weekend for Minnesota.  First their beloved Gophers get it handed to them by the Xavier Musketeers to make an early first round exit from the tournament.  Then their closer, and possibly most reliable player, Joe Nathan will be missing this season and undergoing Tommy John surgery.  Kiss one of the game’s best closers good-bye.  In today’s MLB, closers who are consistent year after year are very hard to come by.  Well the Twins just lost one of the few for the year before the season even started.

Next, many Twins fans breathed a sigh of relief in finding out that they had just resigned their best player Joe Mauer to an 8 year deal.  I mean who wouldn’t be relieved in re-signing one of the game’s elite players to an 8 year extension?  I forgot to mention that the deal cost the Twins 184 million dollars!  Mauer will be making 23 million a year plus god knows what incentives.  Talk about breaking the piggy bank on one guy.  The Twins do not have money like the Yankees or Red Sox.  The Twins better win this year, because keeping a team around this guy will be very tough to do with a lack of funds.  And enjoy trying to win this year without the heart of your bullpen, Joe Nathan.

So now on to basketball..A key statistic of the entire weekend.  Only 11 of the 16 teams remaining are from the power conferences.  And many did not consider the Pac 10 a power conference this year, which would mean only 10 of the 16 left are from the power conferences.  So much for Big East and Big 12 supremacy.  These conferences only produced a grand total of four of the final 16.  The conference that has the most teams left in the Sweet 16 is the Big Ten.  Many analysts at the beginning of the year said that the Big Ten was the best conference in America.  I along with many others laughed at this notion.  I mean we all knew the Big Ten had some solid teams, but the best conference in the land?  Give me a break.  Well I guess those analysts are laughing now in that this conference has the most teams left standing as we enter the 2nd weekend of tournament play.

Another key question.  Who is the real Cinderella this year?  I mean you got 5 teams left from the non power conferences.  You got your 10th seeded Gaels of St. Mary’s.  Also you got your boys out of Northern Iowa who shocked the world in taking down the mighty Jayhawks of Kansas.  Then lets not forget about the sharp shorting Cornell team out of the Ivy League.  The other two teams from non power conferences are Xavier and Butler.  Neither of these top-notch programs still being around should come as a huge surprise.

I will admit to being wrong in a previous blog post saying to ride the Big East with your picks this year.  This conference that appeared so strong all year has truly laid an egg in the tourney thus far.  It will be interesting to see how deep Syracuse and West Virginia can go and if they can save face for the conference.  In addition, the SEC, whom many thought was way down this year has just as many teams left as both the Big 12 and Big East.  Not to mention they have the best team left in the field.  From the first weekend, regardless if I like the team out of Lexington or not, they put on the best two game performance by far.  This Kentucky team looks to be hitting on all cylinders and will be very hard for anyone to beat much less come close to beating.

This weekend showed why the first weekend of the NCAA tournament is arguably the best weekend in sports.  Breathtaking game after breathtaking game.  Down to the wire battles that ended with buzzer beaters.  You name it, and this weekend had it.

Hope you enjoyed this weekend and are able to help me make some sense of the enigma that transpired.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



2 responses to ““March Madness Enigma”

  1. I agree with your point on the first weekend being exciting. Sadly though the play of schools like Kentucky, Syracuse, and Duke have shown it probably will not be as exciting of a second weekend. We are looking at at least two of those three making the final four. More importantly for Minnesota you forgot about the most important sport, football. While their other problems are important the biggest issue is will their quarterback come back.

    • Joe,
      You are correct in that none of the Cinderellas have much of a chance at winning the title but these teams out of the non power conferences look tough.

      Wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of them sneak into the Elite 8. Very true on the quarterback situation. Should be interesting to see how it all plays out.


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