Daily Archives: March 16, 2010

“Sorry David”

Bend it Like Beckham can no longer bend it like Beckham. Soccer icon David Beckham suffered an achilles tendon tear on Sunday.  It’s a shame in that this is a really painful injury.  Beckham will most likely miss out on making his 4th consecutive World Cup appearance, which would have been more than any other English player.  The man is visibly upset about it and I feel his pain..

Or do I?  I have all the condolences in the world for this man’s injury.  It is never fun to see anybody get hurt.  But this guy, in my opinion, is one of the most selfish,egocentric athletes of them all.  I mean the man could obviously really play at a time.  You do not get voted runner-up for FIFA Player of the Year on two separate occasions.  You are not Google’s most searched sports topic for two consecutive years or have a major motion picture that bears your name if you can’t play.  But the thing is, he really is not a shell of what he was anymore.

He came to the United State to quote on quote “make soccer huge in the United States.”  Was that really his attentions?  I believe he came due to his waning abilities and in order to increase his public aura.  He looked like a great guy for coming to the US.  Making the oh so hard sacrifice to come here and sign a 32.5 million dollar deal for 5 years, in which he has hardly played during the majority of these seasons. 

Beckham’s agent is the real stud of the David Beckham camp.  He has marketed Beckham into one of the biggest, most well-known names in sports.  The sad thing is that he is not only over the hill, but way over the hill.  This injury possibly saved him from embarrassing himself and not making the English National Team.  Or it could have saved England from putting Beckham on the squad, and taking away somebody’s spot who was more deserving.

I mean this man has it all.  He has the money and the fame. The strikingly good looks.  The gorgeous wife.  Not to mention he is known all over the world.  He has been marketed perhaps better than any other athlete of our time.  In his time playing for the LA Galaxy in the states, he has managed to score just 7 goals in his 3 plus years here.  Not to mention he has continued to play in Europe for AC Milan and many call him a “part-time player.” 

Just do us all a favor David.  Play over in Europe and leave us alone.  Your so-called mission of making soccer the prime sport of the United States has failed.  Your real mission of increasing your own popularity has been a success.

Also thought that I would let you know that at this time, Landon Donovan is the best player the United States has to offer and not you.

Your star power is at its highest point.  Do not ruin it with your lack of abilities at the ripe age of 34..

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.