“How do you do it Geno?”

The UConn women’s basketball team routed Syracuse today in the quarterfinals of the Big East Tournament.  Just a typical 36 point win for the Lady Huskies.  This team is simply phenomenal.  They have played a very tough schedule and just handled their business all year.  There hasn’t even been a team that has come within 14 points of the Huskies all year..

O and I forgot to mention that today marked their 70th consecutive victory.  70 straight wins!  What an amazing feat.  That is a sign of amazing consistency and just flat-out utter dominance.  To put things into perspective, the Huskies are averaging nearly 83 points a game while giving up just 47.  You want to talk about a team that plays both offense and defense?  Geno has built an empire at UConn.

Will the Huskies win another national title this year?  You better believe it.  The real question is will a team come within single digits of defeating the Huskies.  I mean in March anything can happen.  But Geno’s empire does not appear to be losing any steam as the team looks poised to bring home yet another National Championship.  Geno has been at UConn for 25 years.  He has won 6 national titles and looks primed to capture a 7th.  Can you think of any men’s basketball coaches with a resume like that over the past 25 years..

The only way that you find a coach with a resume like that is if you travel over to Rocky Top and talk to Geno’s bitter rival Pat Summit..

 So my question is, how does Geno do it?  What is the secret behind the Huskie’samazing success?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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