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“Trouble Town”

The Bengals are once again making headlines for a possible offseason pick up.  They have entered the discussions of the Brandon Marshall tour bus.  The Seahawks are still the frontrunner to nab this superb receiver, but the Bengals have now entered the discussion.  This guy’s talent is unquestioned, but can the Bengals handle another guy with baggage?  I thought their suitcases were already full?

Already this offseason the Bengals have picked up Matt Jones, the former Jaguar, who has had run ins with the League and with the law his whole career.  Rey Maualuga, the very talented linebacker out of USC has made headlines the past couple of months for a DUI mishap with a teenage girl.  The Bengals have also been in talks with Adam “PacMan” Jones.  PacMan has redefined the way Roger Goodell disciplines players.  Not to mention, the Bengals were one of the first teams to make contact with Michael Vick when he was available to talk to teams.

So here is my plan.  The Bengals should pick up Brandon Marshall.  Then they should sign PacMan.  Then finally, lets cap it off and add Michael Vick to the roster.  Think about that team for a moment.  Michael Vick playing some series at quarterback.  Chad OchoCinco and Brandon Marshall as the receivers.  And PacMan Jones anchoring the secondary!  You want to talk about a team that would be talented.  Now egos, league run ins, and off field mishaps would be prevalent.  But who really cares?  We all know that Mike Brown doesn’t. 

The Bengals already have a horrible reputation around the League.  Why not win with a horrible reputation?  This team overachieved last season due to a very well coached defense and a new found rushing attack.  If the passing game does not improve during this offseason, the team will not have the success they enjoyed last season with teams keying in on their one dimensional offensive attack.  So let’s get Brandon Marshall..

and if we cannot pick him up, go get TO.

Now realize I am half kidding about all of this.  But it is a possibility.  PacMan and Michael Vick would come at much cheaper rates than you would expect.  The only guy we would have to go out and spend on would be Brandon Marshall.

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“Panic Mode?”

The NBA had a matchup of last year’s finalists today.  And boy was it an exciting rematch.  This game had a little touch of Vinsanity, had some Dwight Howard on the glass, and the all around excitement of watching one of the game’s best in Kobe Bryant doing work.  This game was a true nail biter and highly entertaining.

The Magic protected their home court despite a nice Laker’s run in the 4th.  Some of the big storylines of the day as we creep closer and closer to the playoffs.  Andrew Bynum saw what it takes to play with the NBA’s elite in the paint.  Bynum was hampered by foul trouble all game and only hit one field goal.  Not to mention his opponent secured 10 more rebounds than him.  After a hot start this year, Bynum’s play and health have slowly deteriorated.  Andrew needs to really step it up down the stretch if the Lake Show want to not only return to the Finals, but win a championship.

 Vince Carter looked very strong today and gave the Magic another taste of Vinsanity.  The Magic will really need Vince to come up big down the stretch if they want any chance at returning to the NBA Finals.  Carter put up 25 points to lead his team in scoring on just 10 total shot attempts.  The man got to the charity stripe today like it was his job. 

Lastly, in a reoccurring theme for the Lake show during this very unusual 3 game skid, Kobe had to put up entirely too many shot attempts.  They are much better off with Kobe taking between 18 and 20 shots in a game.  When he shoots upwards of 30 shots, there is not enough team involvement which will show against a tough team like the Magic.

So is it time for the Lakers to panic?  No way.  Even with the 3 game losing streak and the hot play of the Mavericks, they still hold the 1 seed by a few games.  Remember, the NBA season is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  This Laker’s squad has been through the fire and knows what it takes to win a title.  I would never put my money against a guy like Phil Jackson, who has enough rings to cover all his fingers, or a guy like Kobe Bryant, who shows championship game intensity night in and night out.

Just be aware that teams like the Magic, Cavs, Hawks, and Celtics are forreal in the East.  Any one of the 4 could come out and knock off the Western Conference Champion.  Not to mention that the Mavs and Nuggets will both be tough teams for the Lakers to get by this year.

Games like today really get me hyped for the playoffs.  I cannot wait for the stretch run.

So do you think the Lakers should be worried at all about this three game losing streak?

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“How do you do it Geno?”

The UConn women’s basketball team routed Syracuse today in the quarterfinals of the Big East Tournament.  Just a typical 36 point win for the Lady Huskies.  This team is simply phenomenal.  They have played a very tough schedule and just handled their business all year.  There hasn’t even been a team that has come within 14 points of the Huskies all year..

O and I forgot to mention that today marked their 70th consecutive victory.  70 straight wins!  What an amazing feat.  That is a sign of amazing consistency and just flat-out utter dominance.  To put things into perspective, the Huskies are averaging nearly 83 points a game while giving up just 47.  You want to talk about a team that plays both offense and defense?  Geno has built an empire at UConn.

Will the Huskies win another national title this year?  You better believe it.  The real question is will a team come within single digits of defeating the Huskies.  I mean in March anything can happen.  But Geno’s empire does not appear to be losing any steam as the team looks poised to bring home yet another National Championship.  Geno has been at UConn for 25 years.  He has won 6 national titles and looks primed to capture a 7th.  Can you think of any men’s basketball coaches with a resume like that over the past 25 years..

The only way that you find a coach with a resume like that is if you travel over to Rocky Top and talk to Geno’s bitter rival Pat Summit..

 So my question is, how does Geno do it?  What is the secret behind the Huskie’samazing success?

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