Daily Archives: March 6, 2010

“This isn’t Brickstreet Ben”

Big Ben is at it again.  The great quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers is once again making headlines for his actions off the field.  A 20-year-old college chick is accusing Roethlisberger of sexual misconduct…

Come on Ben..you already make enough bone head plays on the field.  You threw 12 costly interceptions this season.  You have been accused of mistreating women twice in one year and lets not forget about the motorcycle incident where you did not even wear a helmet.  Enough is enough man.  Whether these claims are 100% accurate or not, Ben will see no repercussions.  He will continue to live above the law.

Ben has still not let go of the days when he was running things in Oxford.  He was the big man on campus at Miami (Ohio) University where the beautiful girls are everywhere.  It is a known fact that Miami, Ohio has some of the best looking girls in the country.  I am sure no girls ever turned him down at Brickstreet or the Stadium, which are two of the most well-known bars on campus.  Ben is only used to women saying yes.  Well apparently this 20-year-old along with the women in 08 both said no.  Or at least they saw dollar bills.

So Ben is not only tossing interceptions on the field, but he continues to have miscues off the field.  Now is Ben a great player?  Yes, he is.  Does he throw entirely too many picks and get bailed out by a phenomenal defense?  Yes, he does.  Well here Ben’s defense attorney will bail him out again in that he probably has some of the best lawyers in the country helping him out.

Just learn your lesson please Ben.  We all want to see what you can do on the field.  We do not want to here about your off the field antics.  Just play ball Ben.  And always wear protection..

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