“Brotherly Love”

Mark McGwire has stated today that he does not plan on ever seeing his brother Jay again.  Jay is Mark’s younger brother by 6 years.  Jay has a book coming out called “Mark and Me: Mark McGwire The Truth Behind Baseball’s Worst-Kept Secret” chronicling their relationship among other things.  In the book, there is apparently talk about Mark’s steroid usage.  Mark feels betrayed by baby bro.  He feels sold out.  He feels ratted out.  How do you think the MLB and your fans feel about you Mark?  Oh yeah, we feel betrayed too!

Mark says that he cannot believe the actions of his brother Jay.  He says that he just tried to do nice things for Jay and take care of him like any big brother should.  Things cannot get any worse for Big Mac anyways.  Now everything about the home run hitter is finally coming out.  I mean, Mark and Jay apparently have not spoken since 2002.  Who doesn’t talk to their brother for a decade?  The story is that Jay’s son tickled McGwire and made him spill coffee on himself.  That was the beginning of the falling out between the brothers.  Mark swatted at Jay’s son’s backside enraging Jay’s wife.

This is a really odd situation.  I feel like a Jerry Springer story is unfolding in front of me.  So McGwire not only cheated, but he apparently lays hands on young boys, and does not speak to his blood.  The steroids may have healed Mark and helped him recover faster, but they apparently screwed him up in the head. 

Just come out and admit that you used them to improve your performance Mark.  Until you do so, you are living a sham.  Also don’t lay hands on baby bro Jay, he was a bodybuilder and looks pretty strong. 

Mark may have been a great player on the field, but apparently there are a boatload of issues he had going off the field that people were completely in the dark about.  I hope Tony LaRussa enjoys the roller coaster that he is about to embark on with McGwire serving as the Cardinals hitting instructor. 

Jay’s book hits stores on Monday.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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