“Thank You Tim”

Tim Tebow is no longer deaf to the media.  Tebow is finally listening.  He is going to change-up his mechanics in order to help better prepare himself for playing at the next level.  I knew you had it in you Tim.  For the past four years, Tim Tebow has dominated college football unlike any other has, or at least in recent memory.  He won the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore and was a finalist on two other occasions.  Not to mention he won 2 National Titles and should have won a 3rd this year minus one bad half.

Tebow has always possessed the skill to block out his critics.  At the same time he also has the ability to block out anything that he does not want to hear.  That includes advice from people who are trying to help him.  This is a flaw.  He has refused to fix his awkward mechanics for years now.  And really can you blame the guy?  He saw no repercussions as he continued to dominate the college stratosphere for half a decade.  The whole story of Tebow kind of reminds me of another big name quarterback.  A guy by the name of Favre.  Maybe you have heard of him.

Both guys are consummate winners and show the will and determination of a champion every time they step on that football field.  They also are two of the most stubborn people of all time.  Refusing to listen to coaches who are there to help them improve their games.  I never quite understood why Tebow was so stubborn.  He has always seemed like such a good guy.  Favre on the other hand, his stubbornness makes complete sense to me.  Favre has always been about numero uno and will continue to be that way for years to come.  Well Mr. Tebow has finally gotten over himself and listened.

With his work ethic and the phenomenal coaching that he will be receiving, maybe he can turn into a mediocre quarterback at the next level.  Work ethic is never something that anyone can question about Tebow.  Listening skills, well that is another story.

In other news, UCONN continued their Big East dominance with yet another huge win last evening over 7th ranked West Virginia.  The Huskies are 7 and 8 in the Big East.  If the season ended today, they would be in the tournament according to Mr. Bracketology himself Joe Lunardi.  Is the Big East dominant?  You better believe it.

Pretty much every team in the conference has a top 40 strength of schedule, even if they play the most powder-puff non-conference schedule of all time.  Well the Huskies are no different with the 2nd ranked strength of schedule in the country.  Even at 17 and 11 overall, their chances are looking pretty good to be dancing in March.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



2 responses to ““Thank You Tim”

  1. I have to disagree with the Brett Favre comment. The guy is a competitor; he has a difficult time stopping that. Frankly I am surprised more NFL players don’t have problems with giving up the game. As for his drama queen image, I believe it is the fault of ESPN and other sports broadcasting stations which follow his every move. Or maybe it is the fault of Brett Favre diehards who want to know his every move. Either way it is a little unfair to compare the career of a hall of fame quarterback to a college football player like Tim Tebow. Personally I think guys like Colt McCoy do not get enough credit. Tebow is the best player of his age? Isn’t it impressive of McCoy to have the most wins in College Football history? People forget that one of Tebow’s national titles came when he played goal line duty, and his second happened because the SEC doesn’t have to worry about having one loss and making the national title if they win their championship game. I believe if McCoy had a redo against Oklahoma he could have been playing in that title game, and this past title he never even got to play.

    Couldn’t agree with you more about Tim needing to work on his technique. Although in my opinion it seems to be a little too late. I am not sure how he is going to be able to make such a big change in the course of a couple of months. In today’s NFL, owners cannot afford to take risks, why not go for a guy who knows how to throw the ball now. Also scouts have to be worried about if he falls back into his old ways.

  2. Joe,
    All very valid points. ESPN and the media cover every move these athletes make and at times can portray people the way they would like to. So maybe the media has caused many to think of Favre as selfish and all about himself first.

    Either way, the way he has acted the past few years has been utterly ridiculous, and the majority of his teammates speak out against him. So you do the math. The media is not forcing teammates to speak out against Favre.

    I could not agree more about a guy like McCoy not getting more credit. But also take into account that McCoy was the guy who literally almost threw away a Texas place in the BCS National Title game this year. He claimed he did not know the rules! With the most wins in NCAA history, you would think a guy would know the rules?

    Then lastly, it may be too little too late for Tim. I mean without question he is going to get drafted. He will not be a starter as a rookie QB. So maybe the mechanics work in time could groom him to have a mediocre NFL career.

    Only time will tell..


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