“Chopped and Screwed”

I guess it is out with the old and in with the new in the NFL.  Over the past day, 2 of the leagues finest running backs of all time have been released by their respective franchises.  Both Brian Westbrook and Ladainian Tomlinson are looking for work.  Who would have seen that coming 4 years ago when these were the two premier backs in the League?

Each player spent their careers giving to their respective franchises.  And what do they have to show in return?  Both owners feel very sorry that they had to let them go.  Talk about getting chopped and screwed.  Each of these backs exhibited the versatility needed to be a huge threat in both the passing and running game. 

Westbrook and Tomlinson are now both over 30.  They have lost a step or two over the years.  Not to mention both have suffered the wrath of becoming injury prone.  In other words, it is an unforgiving league.  The NFL is a what have you done for me lately League.  The Eagles feel like they have found their running back of the future in LeSean McCoy and the Chargers feel they can get enough production out of the speedy Darren Sproles to satisfy their rushing needs.

Nobody would have ever seen this coming 4 years ago.  Brian Westbrook and Ladainian Tomlinson are on the open market.  Do not be surprised if the Steelers and Patriots take a look at these guys.  Both are winners and I wish them the best of luck with whatever team they join in the future.  I feel that both of these guys have a couple more solid years of production left in them.  There is a little gas left in the tank.

I would feel bad if I were the owner of the Chargers or Eagles too.  Believe me, it doesn’t make either of these great backs feel better.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



2 responses to ““Chopped and Screwed”

  1. It’s a business and it is all about the dollars and cents. Both these guys probably command large contracts. They are not performing at the same level that they once did. Now the owners have money to invest in younger players.

    • Gooch,
      I know it is a business, but it is still a shame. These guys were on top of the game just a few short years ago.

      Now they are being released. Without the injuries, I think both of these guys are still some of the top Running Backs in the game.


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