“Run Huskies Run!”

College Gameday chose the hot spot to be on this Saturday.  Where else would you rather be than the Washington vs UCLA game?  Now that is a half serious, half-joking type of question.  I mean UCLA and Washington are two middle of the road teams in the lowly Pac 10.  Who from the ESPN crew chose this site?

It was senior night in Huskieville and what a night it was.  The Huskies absolutely obliterated a horrendous Bruins team.  I cannot remember watching a worse UCLA team in my lifetime.  They made an undisciplined, terribly coached Huskies team look like a top 5 team.  It was run and gun all night.  Do the Huskies ever slow up the tempo?  I mean they cross half court on every offensive possession before the shot clock ticks to 33 on every possession.  Also they get a shot up before the shot clock hits 20 consistently.  They even let the ball roll when they throw it in so they do not lose any precious seconds off the clock.  Not to mention their defense simply plays a simple swarming style.  This style gives up a lot of layups but also creates turnovers.

I mean it was definitely a wild ride watching this game.  Dunk after dunk.  Fast break after fast break.  And Coach Romar of the Huskies apparently believes in the old saying, “It’s not worth winning if you can’t win big!”  I mean can you get your guys to slow it up a bit when you up over 30 with 10 minutes left in the game?  On this particular night, the Huskies shot nearly 60 percent from the field and hit over 50% of their 3 point attempts.  It was an amazing shooting performance, even with a horrific shot selection.

I also would like to point out that Isaiah Thomas, is an extremely entertaining player to watch.  The man plays like he is at Rucker Park.  And it was also nice to see Quincy Pondexter have a fantastic senior night.  I mean what could be better than kicking the crap out of UCLA and dropping 20 points in your last home game.  Pondexter looks to have a bright future, with a strong offensive repertoire and a very chiseled NBA build.

Sorry if you had to miss this one.  It was extremely fun to watch.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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