“OMG Tiger Woods Speaks!”

Tiger Woods is going to speak.  Tiger is going to speak.  He is finally going to address the public after his car accident in late November.  Wow this is amazing..

Not really actually.  Who really cares about Tiger Woods speaking?  As usual Tiger will keep things close to the belt and state the bare minimum.  The man has always been a mystery.  Today will not be any different.  If you look up the word “enigma” in the dictionary, you would see a picture of El Tigre smiling right back at you.  The only thing the general public really knows is that he is a golfer with phenomenal powers in the course.  Many would say that shouldn’t it be that way though?  People delve too much into these star athlete’s lives.

We may delve too much into their lives, but when your Tiger Woods, your asking for it.  Tiger is the biggest sports icon in the world.  He is on hundreds of commercials and is constantly in the public’s eye.  People want to know about a guy that they see everywhere.  It is just human nature.  We all slow down on the highway when we see a car pulled over by a cop even though we know that 99% of the time it is just somebody getting a speeding ticket.  Humans are noisy, or “curious,” by nature.  It is in our genetic makeups.

So Tiger will speak today and apologize.  He won’t say much else.  And people will realize that they made a huge deal over this whole press conference for no reason.  Hopefully Tiger has straightened out his off the course issues.

Regardless of if he is scum off the course, he is an amazing golfer and the tour needs him.  How many people that are not die hard golf fans will tune in to a Tiger less tour?  Not too many.

So just speak Tiger.  Get it over with.  And go back to playing golf.

I still cannot believe you cheated on a wife like the one you got with the women that you cheated on her with.  Talk about a downgrade..

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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