“Everything is Bigger in Texas”

Last night provided the excitement that All Star weekend had been lacking!  Finally, it took all weekend, but the game was pretty entertaining.  Dirk Nowitzki got on the mic right before play started and thanked the fans for coming out.  He also said, “Everything is bigger in Texas.”  Boy was he right.

I mean the best part of the night was obviously the over 108,000 fans there.  Truly think about that.  Over 108,000 fans at a basketball game?  To put that number into perspective, the previous largest crowd for a basketball game was a little over 78,000 at Ford Field House in a Kentucky vs Michigan State college basketball dual in 2003.  So this spectacle had over 30,000 more people at it than any other basketball game in history.

And the game definitely provided some fireworks of its own.  The score at halftime was a mind boggling 76 to 69.  And of course the final was a scintallating 141 to 139.  Very interesting that a game like this came down to free throws.  But what close game really does not come down to free throws?  The intensity level really picked up in the 4th leading to the excessive amount of fouls down the stretch.  I also thought it was very neat how the West designed their first two offensive possessions of the game to cater to the hometown favorite Dirk Nowitzki.  Who as usual sunk both jumpers with the silky smoothness he demonstrates night in and night out.

The real story of the game though in my eyes, other than the amazing crowd, what a tandem D Wade and Lebron could be.  The two superstars really play well with each other and seem to possess a great chemistry.  It would be kind of scary if this summer both ended up a part of the same team.  Props to Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones for turning this event into the largest viewing spectacle in basketball history.  They both did a remarkable job at carrying out their visions.  And although the rest of the weekend was a dud due to a very boring dunk competition, last night was amazing.

Can the Staples Center top this next year?  Also, is there any way that Lebron and D Wade end up on the same teams for next season?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



2 responses to ““Everything is Bigger in Texas”

  1. Let’s hope this never happens. That will be like a monopoly of the best talent ever!

    • Carver,
      That is definitely a good point. But there is no guarantees that this team would win the title. There are a lot of strong teams in the League and with the free agent pool that is coming up this summer, a top team like the Lakers could pick up a guy like Chris Bosh and be just as good.

      It would be interesting but I do agree, a lethal combo.


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