“Rumor Mill”

Once again the media has mechanized a nice little rumor.  Rumors go on almost every day but this one really caught my eye today.  And nothing against the media, part of the business is creating stories.  They live and die on the interest of their audience and therefore at times stories need to be manufactured in order to catch the public eye.

Today there has been talk of Coach Mike Krzyzewski looking at taking on the New Jersey Nets job.  Is this some sort of joke?  Some people would say that all college coaches would love to take on an NBA job.  Not in the legendary Coach K’s case.  The man just coached his 1000th game yesterday and has yet another top 10 Blue Devils team.  Coach K just turned 63, has been at Duke for 30 years, making appearances in 10 Final Fours.  Not to mention he has won 3 national titles.

I mean the court in Cameron Indoor bears his name these days.  What better place could there be for the legendary Coach to end his career.  He built Duke into national prominence and loves Blue Devil Nation.  Also he has been offered better NBA positions during his time at Duke and never budged.  Lets not forget that the Nets are on pace for possibly the worse record in NBA history.

So is there really any chance this man is expressing interest or any reason this is a worthy news story?  You tell me. 

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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