“A Day of Hoops”

This is a fantastic weekend to be a sports fan.  Forget the Super Bowl weekend, this weekend has much more of a variety of big time events going on.  No matter what sport you are interested in, action is occurring.  The Winter Olympics opened up with an awesome opening ceremony last evening that featured the most well-known Canadian in the world, the great one, Wayne Gretzky.

College basketball has had great games going since noon and those will continue all through the night with the main event at 9 with a UK vs Tennessee SEC rumble in Lexington.  Then of course, you have big time racing at Daytona.  Featuring possibly the sexiest driver in the world, Ms. Danica Patrick, making her NASCAR debut.  Last evening featured an entertaining celebrity game to begin the NBA All Star Weekend festivities.  Tonight there are some skill competitions with the always fun Dunk Competition.  Then the actual game is tomorrow night. 

Teams in the NFL have been signing players.  College football players have been getting invited to attend the combine.   The MLB has had some big names sign in the past couple of days such as Tim Lincecum resigning with the Giants.  I mean the madness just does not stop.  There is so much going on that who would want to leave their television sets during this weekend of bitterly cold weather.

So anyways, there are two main events left on this Super Saturday in my eyes.  Of course there is the Dunk Contest.  And there is the SEC matchup at Rupp.  So first of all the Slam Jam.  The participants are Demar Derozan, Gerald Wallace, Nate Robinson, and Shannon Brown.  Let me just state that these guys are all fantastic dunkers.  They each will bring some electricity to Dallas with some thunderous and skillful booms.  The star power is definitely lacking though.  I, along with most others, definitely wish that Lebron, Dwight, or Kobe could be participating in this always entertaining spectacle.  But hey, you win and you lose some right?  These guys will still provide some thrilling dunks and I wouldn’t mind seeing Nate “Tiny” Robinson make history with his third Dunk Contest championship.

Then there is of course the ball game at Rupp tonight.  An overmatched Tennessee team heads into Kentucky looking to  make a statement after an embarassing defeat at the hands of Vanderbilt a few nights ago..  Unfortunately for UT, Kentucky has already had their wake up call with the loss to South Carolina a couple of weeks ago.  On the primetime stage, fans will find a highly focused and motivated UK team tonight that will handily defeat a Tennessee team that is doing remarkable things.  Kudos to Bruce Pearl in keeping his team rolling amidst the adversity and loss of star player Tyler Williams. 

Should be a fun night.  Any thoughts on who wins the dunk contest and the UK vs UT game?

Also, here is the link to check out my second appearance on Bearcat News with Denise Thomas.  Let me know what you think.


Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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