“Baby Talk”

The past few weeks a controversy has brewed between two of the greatest tennis players of all time.  Not to mention the greatest rivalry of the 90s.  Quotes from Agassi’s highly controversial book, “Open,” took shots at the Pistol, Pete Sampras.  Sampras has been quoted as saying that he would like to meet with Agassi face to face and discuss these issues.

From the start this whole book from Agassi has been a big sham.  Another publicity stunt in the life of a spoiled, lost “boy,” who never grew up.  Just because he shaved his head because he was balding did not mean that he was maturing at the end of his career.  He was covering up his lack of Rogaine usage.  Now I obviously have a biased opinion on this matter in that I am against drug usage and Sampras was my favorite player of all time, but this book is becoming more and more of a joke every day.

But Agassi’s attack on Sampras in this was completely unwarranted.  Agassi called Sampras dull and boring.  Comparing him to a parrot.  He also said that Sampras was lacking of passion and emotions.  I guess those tears were fake in 96 when Tom Gullikson, Pete’s beloved coach passed away?  These are completely unnecessary statements from a player who needed Sampras more than Sampras needed him. Without the rivalry with Pete, Agassi’s name may not have been nearly as big as it is.  Without Sampras being on the tour, there may not have been any motivation for Agassi, the “druggy,” to ever improve his game and rise back to the top of the tennis world.

Now obviously I am being a little harsh here and still respect Agassi’s amazing abilities on the court.  The man really transformed the game of tennis for all baseliners.  He was one of the best ever at “taking the ball on the rise.”  In addition, nobody was better at returning serve from the flamethrowers like Sampras.  But either way, why come out about the drug usage now?  Why upset other great names in tennis like Sampras, Michael Chang, Martina Navratilova, and Roger Federer?  Agassi cannot honestly need any more money after his historic career.

The man could possibly be missing the attention and this is a way for him to get back into the press.  Either way, this book has become much more trouble than it is worth.  I really hope Andre and Pete can sit down in the near future and work out their differences.  They defined American tennis through the 90s.

Pete and Andre will always be thought of as two of the biggest names in the history of the game of tennis.

The controversy of the book “Open” is all just becoming baby talk.

What are your thoughts on the book and all the controversy it has caused?  What is Agassi’s reasoning?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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