“Welcome to the Top Mr. Brees”

Drew Brees will finally be thought of in the same class as Manning and Brady.  The monkey is off his back.  Well welcome to the top Mr.  Brees.

It feels pretty good to have a Super Bowl and a Super Bowl MVP.  You played a fantastic game, and had a phenomenal season to earn this newly acclaimed status.  We always knew that you were one of the game’s best, but the big question was whether you could take your team to the NFL’s elite and capture the Lombardi Trophy.   You came, saw, and conquered on all accounts.

Also Brees has proven that arm strength is not a testament of a quarterback’s ability.  Precision, confidence, and smarts can overshadow the lack of a cannon arm.  Last  night’s game was a very entertaining game.  There were 63 completed passes.  Drew Brees tied Tom Brady’s record with 32 completions in a Super Bowl game while Manning finished the game with 31.  This game was closer than its 31 to 17 finish.  Take away Peyton’s one crucial mistake and this game comes down to the wire.  Do not be surprised if Tracy Porter of the Saints goes looking for a huge salary increase this offseason after making the play of the game.

I admit that my prediction was wrong.  To be completely honest, I was utterly shocked by the outcome of this one.  In no way am I bitter in that I did not have a preference on who captured the crown really.  I just figured Peyton and the Colts would wear the Saints defense down and end up victorious in the end. 

In my opinion this game could have had an MVP of the first half and an MVP of the second half.  My first half MVP would have to go to the Saints kicker Garret Hartley.  He became the first kicker in Super Bowl history to make 3 field goals of more than 40 yards.  His two booms in the first half really kept the Saint in the game when it looked like the Colts might blow it open.  Then in the second half, the obvious choice would be Drew Brees, who was very deserving of the overall game MVP.  He was phenomenal down the stretch.

Now would a healthy Dwight Freeney have made a difference in this one?  We will never know.  We do know that Drew Brees was on the mark all night though.  He completed an astonishing 82 percent of his passes for 288 yards.  His first appearance in the big one in no way threw his game off.

So do the Saints have a lot of guys ready to abandon ship as is the tradition with Super Bowl champs?  Do the Colts return next year with a vengeance?  Are the Saints even a playoff team next year as the defending Super Bowl Champs have struggled to even make the playoffs the following season the past few years?

All I have to say is I cannot imagine what Bourbon Street was like last night.  Good for the city of New Orleans.  Take it in.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



2 responses to ““Welcome to the Top Mr. Brees”

  1. Kraze,

    Brees undoubtedly proved everything that he needed to last night, but I would slap a “not so fast my friend” on “Peyton Manning’s mistake.” If you really break down the play, in my opinion, Reggie Wayne ran a really flat route and should have been in position to make the catch if he came off his break the way he normally/should’ve done. If not a catch, it certainly wouldn’t have been picked.

    Just throwing that out there. Flawless efforts by both QBs in my opinion.


    • B-Dulls,
      I agree with you in that Wayne should have and easily could have run a cleaner route and help break up the interception.

      It still was a somewhat telegraphed pass which is a rarity for Peyton and the corner jumped the route. I will go with Brees played a flawless game and Peyton played a “near” flawless game.

      It was definitely a phenomenal game from a quarterback effort standpoint but I still put some of the blame on Peyton on the pick 6.

      Overall a good game though.


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